April 16, 2024

What are the causes for Split ends of Hair?


Dream of long hair ends with hair split and causes hair breakages. These are a result of overuse of chemicals, heat styling instruments and frequently brushing your hair.

If you will frequently practice these habits, it ends your dream of long hair. Instead, your hair will be frizzy dry, and damaged. They will lose shine and volume.

Do split ends causes hair loss?

Nutrients that are essential for hair growth. It is how low nutrient, dry hair, or bad diet causes you split ends naturally. Usually, your hair becomes dry and damaged even when excessive thermal treatments are done.

So, once you know hair is splitting or breaking, time to check your nutrients in a diet. If it decreases in the body, nourishment to hair follicles will be blocked.

Here, there is no need to worry, you need to follow some tricks and adopt new to stop split ends problem.

But Lets first understand the structure of you hair.

Hair structure

 Your hair structure consists of 3 layers. These are the cuticle, cortex, and medulla.

1. Cuticle

This is the outermost layer, and it helps in the protection of the other layers. It is composed of dead cells that are tiny.

2. Cortex

This is the middle layer and it will help in giving hair its natural color because it contains the pigments.

Although it is the main part because it also has fatty acids and keratin which offers elasticity and resistance to the hair.

3. Medulla

it is the innermost layer. It also has loosely packed keratins, fatty acids, and pigments. This layer is found in thicker and coarse hair.

What are split ends on hair?

Split ends generally occur at the end of our hair. There are quite many reasons behind it.

Thinking, how what causes you split ends? Prevent, untimely breakage due to thin hair causing sleepless nights.

Lets understand, how hair split all the way up..

The problem of split ends develops because the cuticle (outermost layer) which will join and protects the hair, gets lost and hairs become detached from each other.

So, when your hair gets repeatedly exposed to thermal and chemical treatments, grooming, and environmental exposures, the hair becomes frizzy, their outer layer is lost.

What causes Split ends?

Following are the primary reasons behind the problem of split ends in the hair.

1. Lack of proper Nutrition causes split ends on hair.

Intake of proper nutrition is indeed the best effort you offer to your hair’s health. Daily intake of zinc, iron, and folic acid is important.

Whatever you will eat, consequent changes will be reflected on your body, skin, hair. Nutrient-dense foods help to the good health of your hair.

Each day hair length is increased by 0.3-0.4 mm. Your diet should be balanced with proper vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

You can also take supplements of biotin and folic acid  after consulting with the doctor

2. Stressed lifestyle causes breaking off hair

There is a direct link between stress and hair loss problems. If you are stressed, your body will not be able to absorb the nutrition properly.

Telogen effluvium is the high level of stress which will put your active hair follicles on the scalp to the rest.

As a result, within a few months, affected hair loss can occur. Hair fall happens so usually by simply combing and washing your hair.

3. Dryness or lack of moisture in the hair

The whole journey of split ends causes due to dry hair. It acts as a precursor to dry and damaged hair.

Environmental factors such as dry and humid weather, too much heat also stimulate the dryness in the hair.

One quick tip is here doing use hot water to wash your hair.

If the ends of your hair are dry avoid split by using shampoo. Use it only on the scalp. Don’t skip conditioner for dry hair.

Better to use a homemade hair mask for the proper nourishment of your scalp and hair follicles.

4. Heat from hairdryer damages hair

When you apply higher heat many times, your hair ends start splitting and get seriously damaged.

We use heat offering appliances like a hair straightener, blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron to have straight and curled hair. To have instant curled or straight hair, we give high heat to our hair.

As a result, the cuticle which is the outermost layer of the hair gets permanently lost and therefore natural protection in the hair is also lost.

Less use of heat ends the hair split problem. So, better to have a break of 1 week, on adjacent use of these instruments.

Select the ceramic versions, because they will heat your hair evenly in one time only, and it will avoid the repeated use of straightness.

Also, apply a heat protecting spray to minimize the damage heat causes to your hair. Proper hair care can stop so effectively splitting ends problem.

5. Stretching of the hair due to tight ties

Hair is tied usually when you are working, to prevent it from coming on the face.

But, the actual problem with hair ties is that it exerts pressure on the scalp and hair cuticle. Every time you will see a bunch of hairs in your rubber band.

Don’t practice ponytail very often. One can fix your hair, by wearing your hair down once in a while.

6. Hypothyroidism reason behind hair loss

Hypothyroidism means low thyroid hormones in the body. The thyroid gland itself is a small gland but it plays a major role in the functions of the body.

Thyroid hormones helps in maintaining heart rate, metabolism, and growth of the hair.

So, those who suffer from a low level of thyroid hormones in the body will experience damage and loss of hair. Usually, it occurs while during the washing and brushing of the hair.

7. Bad diet also causes split ends problem of hair

People having bad eating habits will possibly suffer from hair loss.

Bad eating habits here simply refer to eating unhealthy food or the habit of snacking. These don’t provide nourishment to hair follicles.

So, the new follicles will not be able to produce from the hair follicles. New hair will fall out in the mid of their growing phase.

Thus, find the best way to prevent hair problems, effective to split ends. Adding healthy food helps in breakages and healthy growth of hair.

8. Doing brushing more and lack of trimming in hair

AAD has said that it’s a myth that combing and brushing your hair many times a day is good for your hair.

So, better to do brushing while styling your hair. One should only apply a brush when our hair is dry and also avoid using plastic bristles.

Better to use wide combs for your hair. Trimming your hair regularly is extremely important. It will free your hair from split ends.

Trimming is just like doing exfoliation of the skin. It replaces old cells and provides spaces for the growth of new cells.

9. Daily shampoo causes hair fraying

People having dry hair are not recommended to wash the hair daily.

But, if you have an oily scalp, then it is okay to daily shampoo your hair in this case the sebum (natural hair oil) is more in quantity in your scalp. So to wash the extra part, you should wash your hair in one or two days.

These individuals can apply conditioner daily to reduce the dryness in the air.

According to the Nemours Foundation, people having extremely dry hair should apply shampoo weekly. You may need to develop a hair care routine and develop some of the habits which are damaging your hair.

One should not use any product, without knowing about that particular product.  

In conclusion

It irritates and frustrates a lot when hair becomes damaged and causes hair ends to split.

But here you can recover the dull hair, by some solutions.

First try to understand the issue in your hair, when done with this part, then search for home remedies and change in diet.

Better to add healthy food best to prevent unwanted hair loss.

So, take proper care to prevent split ends and breakage of hair.

Moving downtown through the crowded roads of India, Aishwarya Gupta got an amazing idea of making her passion and medical knowledge helpful to others. When she is not busy with her blogs, you can find her inside the gym or lost in some interesting book.