April 16, 2024

Use of Fenugreek Seeds benefits extraordinary Hair growth

Fenugreek seeds are a natural home remedy and benefits to promote hair growth and fight hair loss. These seeds are also known to rectify other health conditions as well such as dandruff, thin hair, and itchy scalp. It is also known as methi dana (मेथी दाना) in the Asian region.

In ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic knowledge has practiced the use of fenugreek seeds for a long time. They use this to induce labor pains for childbirth, improves digestion, decrease skin infections, and skin rashes.

Modern research has said that it maintains the blood sugar level, cholesterol, and inflammation also. Usually, seeds of fenugreek are bitter. It provides a lot of medicinal advantages; therefore it is eaten more frequently. It is popular in African countries, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asia.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of fenugreek seeds can offer to your hair growth.

Use and advantages of Fenugreek seeds for hair

Before we go into detail about the benefits of fenugreek seeds for your hair, let us see what seeds contain to use.


      • Protein. It contains high-protein content, which can cure baldness.


        • Fenugreek seeds contain vitamin C, which will work as an antioxidant and protects your hair from free radical damage.


          • These seeds contain iron, which will manage good blood circulation when applied as a paste that is helpful to improve the receding hairline among men.


            • Potassium is also present in your hair, which controls the premature greying of hair.


              • Nicotinic acid, also presents which boosts hair growth.


                • Lecithin provides nourishment to your hair follicles and the scalp.


                • It contains one hormone, antecedent that improves hair growth and helps in rebuilding the hair follicles fighting male pattern baldness.

                1. Fenugreek seeds are proven hair fall treatment

                The use of fenugreek seeds benefits for promoting hair growth with essential nutrients. These seeds contain iron and protein. They also have antifungal antimicrobial properties.

                Many pieces of research are conducted on animals and humans to explore the potential benefits and uses of fenugreek seeds.

                One study was conducted for 6 months. Participants were given fenugreek seeds orally about 300mg/day. After a 6-months trial period, 80% of the participants whose daily intake of fenugreek seeds have more healthy hair and the strength of hair also increased.Another study used herbal oil containing the extract of fenugreek seeds.

                An herbal oil mixture was used topically. It was found, that fenugreek seeds have more effective for hair growth and possible to restore healthy hairline.

                2. Promotes a healthy scalp

                Hair loss starts occurring, after not curing your itchy scalp. The itching of the scalp is generally due to dandruff. There can be other reasons also for dandruff production.

                It can be due to more oil usage or production, fungal growth, and inflammation, or dry skin. Not for all causes, it can be said that fenugreek seeds can be used to fight dandruff.

                Also, the fenugreek seeds’ advantages make it one of the best hair fall treatment at home. Methi-dana contains anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the fungal growth, and gives soothing effect in the scalp. These are the effects that the fenugreek uses result for your hair. 

                3. Prevents premature hair greying

                Nowadays, premature greying of hair has become a common problem. Many of you are suffering from this premature greying of hair, but fenugreek seeds can vanish it along with giving you a perfect hair loss treatment.

                These days there is so much pollution, which is making our hair dry and damaged. So we have to use so many chemicals based product.

                In all these conditions, our hair is lacking proper moisture, nutrition. Fenugreek seeds contain potassium, which tackles the problem of premature greying of hair and stops male pattern baldness.

                How to use Fenugreek to stop hair greying?

                ” Make a mixture of Amla juice with a paste of fenugreek seeds. Apply this on your scalp. Just leave it for an hour, before washing it with shampoo. “

                4. Fenugreek seeds provide strength to the hair

                When you mix fenugreek seeds and coconut oil, this mixture gives luscious and healthy hair growth. It removes the dirt and grease from the hair. It provides strength to the hair from the roots. 

                How to use Fenugreek to strengthen hair?

                ” Take 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana) and make a paste of it in a blender. Add warm coconut oil to it and apply it.”

                5. Stops receding hairline and male pattern baldness

                Contents of the fenugreek seeds provide immense benefits. It has antecedent, protein, nicotinic acid which will strengthen your hair if you use it!

                Methi dana (Fenugreek seeds) will give more power to your hair and prevents its breakage. It will rejuvenate your hair follicles. The use of fenugreek seeds with coconut oil, olive oil, or Aloe vera gel can give you a great result. 

                How to use Fenugreek to stop receding hairline?

                “Blend the fenugreek seeds around 2 tbsp only. Covert the seeds into powder and add coconut oil to it. Apply this paste for 10 minutes, before you are going to use shampoo. Apply it thoroughly on your scalp.”

                How to use fenugreek seeds?

                The use of fenugreek seed can be sort in two ways. 

                Either consume it, as a part of your diet or makes a powder and applied topically. It has not been clear, that to have the maximum benefit, you have to use it topically or either consumed it orally.

                One can also take supplements for hair regrowth, damaged hair, etc. Supplements are available in the market either in powder form or as a liquid extract. As such no clear recommendations are there. But research-based studies have said that 1200 mg of seed powder or 300mg can be consumed each day.

                Use and advantages of Fenugreek seeds for hair loss and growth


                The use of fenugreek seeds is extremely beneficial for your hair health. It will treat hair loss and dandruff problems. Although more research is needed on the fenugreek seeds.

                You can take fenugreek seed powder or use take supplements of this. These all hair remedy is directly coming from Ayurvedic research.

                In India’s culture, fenugreek uses for hair has been used from very early times. This also improves the digestion problem. It is suggested, one should always concern the doctor or a nutritionist before start consuming it. 

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