June 20, 2024

Turkmenistan Bans Using ‘Coronavirus’ and Wearing Mask

Turkmenistan Bans the use of ‘Coronavirus’ and Wearing Mask

If you wonder, COVID19 is a global pandemic, pushing huge lockdowns, you went wrong. Turkmenistan claims that the country has no cases of COVID19. Though we also expect the same, it comes with a surrealistic fact, ” Turkmenistan banned the use of “Coronavirus”.

So, if you utter the viral word ” coronavirus”, you accentuated the chance of getting arrested.

According to RSF (Reporters Without Borders), The Turkmen government has now banned the word ” Coronavirus”.

As Turkmenistan Chronicle reports, Berdymukhamedov’s government has reportedly banned the use of the word from uttering or writing by state-controlled media. They have ordered to remove the word from any health brochures, which might be distributed at workplaces, educational institutions, and workplaces.

A report from Independent, Radio Free Europe correspondents from in Ashgabat report that police officers accoutered uncover are responding quickly and arresting the people bouncing off the pandemic or wearing the face mask.

The move exposed the Turkmen citizens at more risk and hoisting authoritarianism by President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. It is coming with human rights violations.

Though, border countries of Turkmenistan have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, causing thousands of lives. Iran tops among the badly affected border countries with COVID19.

According to the RSF’s World Press Freedom Index, Turkmenistan stands at last place in press freedom.

Rankings show an environment where expressing thoughts may be punished severely.

The control of media by the state may be constituting enough preparation to enshroud the effect of a pandemic. It would be proving uncanny denial of the situation causing a global panic.

The ban on the using ” Coronavirus” might be overwhelmed by the president, but it might be extreme or obscene for the Turkmen’s citizens.

The Turkmen government anticipating a high post-pandemic effect in its economy, which high relies on the natural gas sale to the Republic of China.

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