June 20, 2024

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023: What all you need to know?

The celebration of National Heritage Month has kicked off, remembering the contribution of Hispanic Americans. The theme for Hispanic Heritage Month this year is “Driving Prosperity, Power and Progress in America”. This theme acknowledges the indispensable role of Latinos in shaping and enriching America. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year from September 15 to October 15 to recognize the contributions, extensive histories, and diverse culture of the American Latino Community.

Why did Hispanic Heritage Month start on the 15?

The day of September 15, is considered important because it is the anniversary of Latin American Countries. Latin American countries include Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Alongside, Chile and Mexico celebrate independence on September 18 and September 16 respectively. The Hispanic Heritage Month also includes October 12, which is considered Dia de la Raza. It also includes the holiday, Virgin Islands-Puerto Rico Friendship Day celebrated in the US Virgin Islands, which recognizes the Hispanic contribution.

Every year in USA National Heritage Month is celebrated with the history, culture, and contribution of American citizens, who have got ancestral rots from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and S. America. This started with the Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 which was later expanded to Hispanic Heritage Month by Ronald Regan in 1988.  The 30-day period starts on September 15 and ends on October 15.

The presidential proclamation by President Joe Biden, “I have often said that America can be defined in one word:  possibilities.  The Hispanic community has always embodied that ideal.  It lives in the dreams of those who have only just arrived here and in the legacy of families who have been here for centuries.  Latinos have helped chart America’s course since our start — as doctors and engineers; artists and entrepreneurs; and leaders in science, business, labor, government, and military and across grassroots movements.  Their faith and drive have pushed our country to grow, prosper, and pursue its highest ideals”.

Recently, the Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona commemorated Hispanic Heritage Month in a video and shared the vision for excellent and equitable education for the Latino community. Here is the initiative’s calendar hosted during Hispanic Heritage Month.

September 19-21: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Leadership Conference and Gala
September 21: U.S. Department of Commerce National Youth Summit
September 21:  LatinaStyle National Latina Symposium
September 21:  Latino Leaders Network Eagle Leadership Award Ceremony
September 24-26:  U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Conference
September 27-30: L’ATTITUDE Conference