April 15, 2024

MrMed raises USD500000 From TNESSF (Tamilnadu Emerging Sector Seed Fund)

After recently announcing the mobile app, online pharmacy for super specialty medicines. MrMed has made a big leap. It has raised $500000 for its marketing campaigns, team growth, and business exploring work. 

MrMed aims to help patients across India access over 5,000 specialty medicines for critical conditions such as transplants, cancer, chronic kidney disease, and many more health and fitness diseases. Patients and caretakers can retrieve the help by simply uploading the prescription.

The company was launched in 2021 with the aim of offering specialty medicines for critical health disorders. The multi-platform startup has more than 50k users spread over 2000 locations across India. 

TNSEEF, the corporation received its investment funding from BEJ network and Vish MrMEd raises USD5000 in TNESS. Entrepreners LLP. On July 31, 2023, the company recorded an ARR of more than 26 crore. The co-founder of MRMed Devashish Singh seems excited about the fundraising while preparing for challenges in the B2C healthcare domain. The company’s co-founder showed zeal for establishing a scalable and profitable brand in the healthcare space. He states, “We are quite excited about the fundraising and are looking to utilize the funds for customer acquisition and team growth. While we are a frugal company, we recognize the challenges in the B2C domain. Our objective is to establish a profitable yet scalable brand in the super specialty healthcare space, ensuring the same level of customer service and operational excellence.”

On the other hand, Shanmugrapraveen from TNESS stated, “MrMed is an impactful venture in healthcare by making specialty treatments more affordable and bringing pricing transparency through their digital platform. We are delighted to partner with MrMed on their growth journey.”.

Any service requires the physical infrastructure, hospitals, and primary and community health centers. The Indian industry is steered by government programs such as e-health, and tax advantages, and Delivering any services requires the presence of physical infrastructure, such as hospitals, district health centers, primary health centers, and community health centers.