May 19, 2024

Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes: Best Home Remedies

Several products and ways are available already in the market to temporarily remove the dark circles under your eyes. In case, people who are genetically inherited can’t get rid of dark circles under their eyes by any of these homemade or DIY remedies. These people must visit their dermatologist clinics under proper medication to remove the dark circles.

Best Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles

Here we are discussing several Quick homemade ways to get rid of dark circles.

Use tea bags for Dark Circles under eyes

Use tea bags for Dark Circles under eyes

Tea is directed to get rid of dark circles by trusted sources. We tell you there is more than one uses of tea bags other than used to make tea. Caffeine in tea has powerful antioxidants also useful for dark circles. It increases blood flow as well.

Teabags also protect from the up rays coming from the sun. Green tea, for say, is one of the recommended tea by researchers. It has more anti-inflammatory properties. It is directed by one of the trusted sources.

Use Tea Bags around eyes it in the following way

Steep two tea bags for at least 3 to 5 minutes, then chill the tea bags in the refrigerator for at least 3-5 minutes, then squeeze the extra liquid and then put the tea bags over your eyes or under the eye area. And leave the bag for 15-30 minute

Cold compress over eyes helps in the dark circles

A cold compress helps in dilating the blood vessels and reduces swelling. Therefore, it can decrease the puffiness under your eyes and help you get rid of dark lower eyelids or dark areas around your eyes. For this, you just need to wrap the ice cubes in a washcloth and placed them on your eyes.

You can also make cloth wet in cold water and can apply it for 15-20 minutes over your eyes. Repeat this process until you feel your eyes are relaxing.

Getting rid of extra mucus in your nasal sinuses.

 nasal sinuses around your eyes or know dark circles around your eyes.
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Sometimes the nasal sinuses around your eyes or known as paranasal sinuses are filled with mucus and other debris-like material.

A device popularly known as neti pot is used these days which helps to remove dark circles from your under eyes. This device will have saline water solution and you put this in your nose and remove the mucus by directing the flow of saline water into the sinus.

Below we are discussing, how to use the neti pot, you can buy this device online.

  • Take ½ spoon of salt and 1 cup of water. Fill the pot of this device with the saltwater solution. Now, heat the water to dissolve salt into the water. For your comfort, take lukewarm water into your nose. Initially, to dissolve salt into the water, heating of water is required.
  • Now, use this saltwater. Tilt your head, one nasal opening will be closer to the ceiling, now drain the saltwater into it by putting the spout into the upper nostril, which is closer to the ceiling.
  • Now do the breathing using the mouth and pour the salt water into the nostril. And u will see that the solution will drain the other nostril and removing mucus from there. Do the same with the other side nostril as well.
  •  Also, rinsing the pot with sterile water is important afterward. And give them time for air drying of the pot.

Drink as much as the amount of water for getting rid of dark circles.

Drinking water can remove dark circles under eyes.

Water can indeed, reduce your dark circles under the eyes. Dehydration can increase the dark areas under your eyes. Experts have suggested that 2.5 litres of water intake per day is enough for women and 3.35 litres of water is enough for men per day.

Here, Water is the best way to reduce the dark circles under the eyes even at your home.

Keeping drinking a good amount of water and taking a few more hours of good sleep is one of the ways. Therefore, these can help you until you are including these habits in your daily routine.

If you don’t, like drinking water so much, you must increase your fruits and vegetables which contain more amount of water. You can also drink hot or cold decaffeinated tea for this good reason as well.

Take doses of antihistamines

In allergic conditions, the body releases histamines which usually gave signs and symptoms of allergies to the body. Itchy and red eyes are a sign of being allergic. This is generally the result of histamine released in the blood.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking can increase under-eye bags, dark circles, etc.

Smoking can increase under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, and even discolouration in the skin.

Smoking can reduce the vitamin C content in your body. It may decrease collagen production in the body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant in itself.

Quitting smoking can make you sort out many problems. Cut down on your alcohol consumption also. Alcohol increases dehydration in the body, which is the same as drinking less water.

Use sunscreen every day before exposure to sunlight.

Use sunscreen every day removes dark circles under eyes

You can protect your skin from the harmful U.V rays by using sunscreen. One can also solve dermatological problems like ageing prematurely, skin cancer, and discolouration.

The American Academy of Dermatology has said that all people wear sunscreen. Using sunscreen with SPF30 or higher can protect you from the up sunrays.

Use retinol creams for the face at night.

One should check out the contents present in the retinol cream before using it for them.

Retinol is one of the specific ingredients which is used for many skin problems like acne, premature ageing of the skin, and some cancers also.

Here, Retinol is the other name of vitamin A. Retinol fulfils the need for collagen for the skin. First, you should wash your face and then after half an hour, use it on the face.

Skin lightening products can help in reducing dark circles.

Skin lightening products have hydroquinone in them. This hydroquinone interferes with the melanin pigment present in the skin. So it will reduce the melanin in your skin, resulting in a more fair skin tone.

Generally in the market, around 2% of hydroquinone is present in the lotions, creams, and gels. Also, the effect of containing this hydroquinone-containing product can be seen, when exposed to sunlight.

One should visit a doctor for having more hydroquinone-containing cream.

Eat collagen and iron-containing foods helping in dark circles around the eyes.

Iron intense foods helping in dark circles around the eyes.

When one is eating foods, which contain less iron, anaemia can occur. People having iron deficiency anaemia has pale skin, brittle nails, and dark circles under the eyes.

The cells which carry oxygen to the tissue, if become less there will be low amount oxygen reaching the tissues, it affects energy production and it causes lethargy and tiredness in individuals.

Red meat, beans, peas, spinach, and iron-fortified foods are important for the intake of the proper amount of iron.


Most of the time, having dark circles can be for no serious reason. It can be due to lack of sleep or ageing.

Some medical and homemade treatments are available to cure or lessen the problem under the eyes of dark circles. And one can also correct the dark circle’s problem by staying properly hydrated and taking proper sleep.

When the discolouration or swelling, worsens over time, one should visit a doctor or dermatologist clinic to know the dark circles under your eyes exactly.

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