June 20, 2024

Pangolins may be a reason for Wuhan Coronavirus to humans.

Pangolins have been a suspected source of coronavirus of Wuhan Coronavirus, America witnessed the fort death of an American in Wuhan, China due to coronavirus.

Now the death tolls up to 3200, while more than 100000 people are affected.

Since the Wuhan coronavirus breakout, researchers are more suspicious about its reason. Stop! Pangolins are suspected to be the reason for novel coronavirus pandemic.

What is a pangolin?

The long-snouted mammal or a scaly reptile that eats ants might be the source of the coronavirus. There is widespread illegal trafficking of Pangolins is found. These are known as a protected animal.

In China, Pangolins are sold for their scales and meat. They are also used in traditional Chinese medicine developed for menstrual disorders, arthritis, and skin disease.

Experts believe the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, could come from Wuhan’s wild animal markets.

The scientist found a probable reason after the analysis of more than 1000 collected samples. They found the infected people have 99 % similarity to the genome sequence of the targeted viruses in pangolins.

It means pangolins may be the intermediate carrier of coronavirus, which was a reason for a global health emergency.

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But how coronavirus from bat to pangolins, reach to us?

Though, as the researcher claimed that coronavirus is suspected to be originated in bats. It may look sound but the fact is, how can it reach us?

Look, This doesn’t imply that it directly transfers from bats to humans. Wuhan Coronavirus is a zoonotic viral disease. It means these viruses are passed from these animals to humans.

While on the other hand, the virus keeps on expanding in the animals, through a genetic mutation series. It makes it possible to infect and multiply in the human body.

Coronavirus Vaccine:

While In chine, the consistent trials for coronavirus vaccine are on way, U.S. health officials stated the progress of their own domestic vaccine for coronavirus.

Waiting for new updates about coronavirus.