May 19, 2024

Myths about Deadly Coronavirus

7 Myths about Coronavirus Outbreak.

With the draconian extent of the Wuhan Coronavirus, it has integrated some myths about coronavirus.

The Coronavirus updates shows, there have more cases of deaths due to coronavirus transmission that has exploded countries around the world.
Amid a sudden increase in Coronavirus cases in India, health officials have taken more precautionary arrangements.

The first news of coronavirus cases in India came from Kerala.

7 myths you need to burst about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here are the top 7 myths about Coronavirus, that keep going on.

1. Can I get Coronavirus from a package delivered from China?

Can I get Coronavirus from a package delivered from China?

The answer is a big “No”.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused enormous panic globally. Due to a high number of cases of coronavirus transmission in countries, a lot of myths about coronavirus have quadrupled.

One among all myths about coronavirus outbreak, is Can you get deadly coronavirus if you order a package from China?

No, you must not be bothered about the myth. The World Health Organization study on how long deadly viruses survive on packages suggest, you are not at risk.

2. Use Hand dryers to kill the coronavirus, a Myth about Coronavirus

No again it’s a myth about coronavirus. Your Hand dryers are not effective in preventing you from viruses like Wuhan coronaviruses.
Hand dryers will not be preventing or killing viruses. You should take care of cleanliness, by washing hands frequently with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap.

3. If you spray chlorine or use alcohol all over your body, it will kill the coronavirus.

No, you cannot use Alcohol and Chlorine on your body, it will not help you in killing viruses. Rather, Use alcohol or Chlorine to disinfect objects or surface under appropriate recommendations.

4. The Garlic will prevent you from coronavirus.

You must not be eating garlic to prevent infection with coronavirus. garlic is a healthy source of antimicrobial properties. Yet, with no evidence about it, Garlic cannot prevent you from coronavirus. Alert! Don ‘t pass a myth about coronavirus.

5. The coronavirus was leaked from Wuhan’s high-security lab, China covered it up.

The coronavirus is among several zoonotic infections – known as a virus that jumps from animals to humans. Some of these were Ebola, Swine Flu, etc.

6. If you use Surgical or N95 face mask, it will prevent coronavirus.

Myth for coronavirus: If you use Surgical or N95 face mask, it will prevent coronavirus.
Image Credit: Shoko Takayasu/Bloomberg

No, it will not be, if you don’t use the mask appropriately. Hold on! Don not touch your face with unwashed hands while in a public place and wearing a face mask.

According to the precaution for Coronavirus, Using N95 respirators or masks is not yet recommended for those not having the risk of coronavirus. But for every possible use surgical mask or n95, n99, R95, R99, etc masks.

7. Coronavirus has no vaccine, it is incurable: A big Myth about Coronavirus.

Once you catch symptoms of coronavirus, it may only cause death. It is a big myth, that needs to be addressed. Yes, still we don’t have a Coronavirus vaccine, but labs are engaged in phase III and soon there will be a coronavirus vaccine soon.

On the other hand, WHO released a study that the fatality rate of Coronavirus in 3.4 percent, yet preventive or precautionary measures and effective health arrangements saved thousands of lives. Do not get panicked for any symptoms like flu or coronavirus, contact state health emergency helpline or doctors.

Check WHO and CDC for uprooting more myths about coronavirus. Follow precautionary guidelines and stay safe!

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