April 16, 2024

Malaysia Detects ‘D614G’ a ‘Ten Times’ Deadlier Coronavirus Strain

“The people in the country need to be more careful and aware. The current mutation infects other persons 10 times more and can be easily spread by a super spreader” DG of Health, Malaysia about a strain of new coronavirus.

What will we get first?, COVID19 vaccine or a strain of new coronavirus.

Malaysia has detected a 10 times more infectious – a novel coronavirus called ‘D614G’.

The DG of Health, Malaysia, Noor Hisham Abdullah posted it on  Facebook  on Saturday.

The mutation was found in three cases of the 45 cases. It was detected when a restaurant owner returned from India and breached his 14 day quarantine.

The strain was also detected in another cluster which involves people coming back from the Philippines.

Abdullah expressed his concern about a strain of the new coronavirus. It questioned the existing studies on COVID vaccines, that might be proving ineffective or incomplete against the detected mutation.

According to the DG of Health, the people in the country need to be more careful and aware. The current mutation infects other persons 10 times more and can be easily spread by a super spreader.

He said that their fundamental concern was to secure public health and request people for practicing COVID-19 precautions like protecting oneself and practicing self-hygiene.

“People need to be wary and take greater precautions because this strain has now been found in Malaysia,”

“The people’s cooperation is very needed so that we can together break the chain of infection from any mutation.”

“So far these two clusters are controlled due to the fast-paced public health control actions on the field. This test is an early test. There are several follow-up tests in progress for many other cases. These include index cases for both these clusters,” Abdullah said.

Noor Hisham posted on a a Facebook on Sunday.

Now, this mutation has now transformed into a predominant variant in the US and Europe. However, the  WHO (World Health Organization) has clarified that there are no factors supporting any evidence that the strain leads to more severe disease.

According to a recent paper published in ‘Cell Press,’ the mutation is not able to divert or impact the efficacy of vaccines which are in the development phase.

Since the COVID pandemic has enclouded everything from costing life to the economy , an unidentified war has also been started.  The probable reasons or origination theories are keep voicing, Wuhan wet market as a fundamental reason for the whole pandemic. It came through the endangered species Pangolins, but there have been different theories and facts.

 The WHO declared Coronavirus outbreak , a pandemic on 11 March.

Meanwhile, Russia has started the production of its COVID vaccine despite being criticized for its efficacy.

Image Source: xinhuanet.com

News Source: Bloomberg

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