July 25, 2024

Anti-Asian Racism during Coronavirus: Is it Fueling Fear and Hate?

COVID-19 is declared a global pandemic. But we renamed it controversially with cases of anti-Asian racism. This time even Coronavirus has not escaped from racism. Last some cases reported doctors in public health and front line warriors in a pandemic, told they are experiencing many incidents where racial and economic bias took place so awfully in the panic time.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Fueling Fear and Hate Against Asians.

COVID19 started and crossed international borders, causing millions of lives. But it also dominated Social media more than with news. Racist, virulent, hateful abuse to Asians has contaminated social media in America and Europe. The obnoxious posts and reprehensible attention of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter irked the social fabric.

We have come across numerous incidents of anti-Asian racism on the empty streets of the UK, Australia and The US. In the US alone, the forum Stop AAPI Hate reported more than 1000 instances of anti-Asian harassment after coronavirus spread across the world. But it accentuates apparently on social media sites. The Coronavirus pandemic is being related to China by viral hashtags “ Chinese virus” and “Kung-flu”. etc.

Asian Americans are being threatened, spit on and yelled at the streets. The racist post, memes, and news articles have been escalated in the last few weeks. According to the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council, Asian Americans reported more than 650 racist attacks and violent targeting last week. It is being accompanied by targeted memes, racist terms, and news articles.

Denouncing Anti-Asian posts or tweets tags Coronavirus

A recent stabbing in Montreal may cloak the situation differently.
A recent story covered by Al Jazeera, They found more than 10000 tweets included the term, “Kung-flu” during March alone. The report does not nullify the possibility of several other Anti-Asian phrases used across social sites amid Coronavirus pandemic.

On some of the microblogging platforms, the use of offensive and racist language like ‘rice rabies” and “chop fluey” was being specific.
One famous Chinese-owned app Tik-Tok has also befouled with posts tagged #chinese_coronavirus, seen by 110 million users. Some videos deplored the use of the term escalating racism.

Albeit, WHO has employed the new name COVID-19, to the novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2. It was not to steam up against any nationality or ethnic group and constitute hatred. While social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have been claiming since COVID spread globally, that they are reviewing and removing the obnoxious and racist tweets and posts.

But still, if it couldn’t suppress the hatreds against Asian people especially in Europe and America, it has to be canvassed effectively.

Meanwhile, Italy and France Record lower coronavirus deaths. What has been a major reason behind the difference in mortality rate fo COVID-19 pandemic across the world? Still, more facts are to known…

Reference: The Image source: Wikipedia, In 1907 anti-Asian violence took place in Vancouver, Canada.

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