COVID19 updates: China’s prisons reported more coronavirus cases

China Prison reported 500 coronavirus cases

COVID19 updates

Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: 500 Chinese prisoners found positive, more cases in South Korea.

China Prison reported 500 coronavirus cases

China Prison reported 500 coronavirus casesMore surprising, 500 Chinese prisoners found infected with Coronavirus transmission, across 3 provinces.
China’s Global Television Network reported that, 200 COVID19 cases from the eastern province, Shandong. The Hubei health commission says ” The prison system has increased by a total of 220 cases.” Hubei province increased its new cases to 631 from previous 411 coronavirus cases. The Global Times, stated-owned news agency, reported removal of two officials from their position in a prison after two centers recorded COVID cases.

Coronavirus cases in South Korea increased to 204.

Coronavirus Symptoms and prevention : Person to person Coronavirus transmission

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South Korea reported an enormous hike in coronavirus cases, as state authorities fight for controlling the COVID19 outbreak. SK found 100 new cases of coronavirus transmission on Friday, which swells up the total case to 204. Many of these cases are clustered around a southeastern city. Major downtown rallies and protests have been banned and big parks are shut down to stop mass public gathering. Before this, a 61-year-old woman, a so-called superspreader, transmitted the coronavirus to least, 37 people, among the people attending the Shincheonji Church, Daegu, South Korea.


Chinese doctor died due to the coronavirusChinese doctor died due to the coronavirus

Another death of a Chinese doctor died due to the coronavirus, Wuhan’s Jiangxia district, China. 29-year-old doctor, Peng Yinhua, employed in respiratory and critical care, at Wuhan’s district. He came in contact with the virus and admitted on January 25, but his condition gets worsened by January 30.


More passengers evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise450 more passengers evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise


450 more passengers evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise. NHK, a Japanese media outlet, reported the third group of around 450 people evacuated who found negative to the virus. Those who have shared a cabin with the COVID infected passenger, have asked to stay onboard separated for 14 days, even testing negative.

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