May 19, 2024

10 best Food to Eat on a Keto diet foods list

Today, most of the people are searching for keto diet foods. In 2020, it has now taken place in the new year resolution plan . Ketogenic foods are quite popular among people for various reasons. People are allowed to eat all the fat they want.
So, now you need to know, what can you eat on a keto diet?.

But before finding best keto diet foods, you need to have proper information about it. So let’s know what does it exactly mean?

What is keto diet?

Before exploring what is keto diet, Lets understand how does it come.

The word ” Keto ” originates from the word ” ketones”. The ketogenic diet allows your body to deliver some small fuel atoms, these are ketones. It is an optional fuel hotspot for your body, works when glucose is not creating in your body.

Let’s make it easy.

Look, when you consume carbs, the body easily converts those carbs into glucose, which is used by the body for energy. So, if you don’t take enough carbs, how does your body fuel up. It switches the source and takes it from body fat. It makes it easier to burn your stored fat by consuming them off.
So, you need to follow a similar process. Here, the ketogenic diet plan comes into the picture.

The goal of the diet is to restrict daily intake of carbs, so your body will switch its source of energy. It will break down body fat for its energy.
While it is occurring, the fat is usually broken down in your liver and produces ketones. These ketones work in the absence of blood sugar or glucose.

 10 best Food to Eat on a Ketogenic diet:

To follow a diet that restricts your carbs needs serious attention. It means you need to monitor your food choice much carefully. You must ensure that your nutritional needs get fulfilled for keto transformation.

Generally speaking, once you decide to prepare keto diet foods, you should aim to calculate calorie consumption. Now, You need to restrict yourself to consume only 10 % of daily carbs intake. The remaining calories will come from 60% to 80% fat and 20% to 30% protein.

Suppose, your daily calorie intake is 2000 calories. It means you will take 200 calories from carbs, 400-600 calories from protein and 1200-1600 from fat.

Here is a list of 10 healthy foods to eat on a keto diet food plan :

  1. SeafoodSea food for ketogenic diet

                                                                                                                       Seafood is one of the best starts for the keto transformation journey. People may not too fond of choosing seafood, but Fish, as well as Shellfish, are known as keto-friendly food. In fish, Salmon is among the best source of vitamin B, potassium and selenium and, easy to cooks as well. One more thing it is also carb-free.                                               Ok, now with shellfish, you have to be careful while counting carbs. It varies with types of different shellfish. So it is better if you prefer crab or shrimp for no-carb or near to zero carbs.
    Here, the list contains carbs count per 3.5 oz on 100 g serving of some popular shellfish:
    Squid: 3g
    Octopus: 4g
    Oysters: 4g
    Clams: 5g

2. Vegetables with low carbsKeto vegetables

You need to include low carb vegetables in the ketogenic diet list of foods items. But here, there is an important thing you need to consider. It’s better to prefer vegetables growing underground (below the ground). These vegetables do not contain starch and low in carbs and calories. Non-starchy vegetables are highly rich in minerals and contain vitamin C.

But why not prefer vegetables that grow above ground?

These vegetables contain rich carbs, due to high fiber, it is not digested and will be absorbed similar like other carbs.

So, consuming starchy vegetables like beets, sweet potatoes, Potatoes can give you more than your total carb limit. You can also add cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and spinach in your keto vegetables list.

The net carbs from non-starchy vegetables range between 1 gram to 8 grams per cup.
a full cup of spinach (raw): less than 1 gram
a full cup of fresh Brussels sprouts: 8 grams

3. CheeseBest Cheese on the keto diet

More than just delicious and nutritious, Cheese is taken as a secret ingredient of a ketogenic diet plan. No doubt, there are many types of cheese available in the market. But what is so good, all are high in fat but quite low in carbohydrates. Cheese contains rich protein, beneficial fatty acids, and calcium, also a low amount of carbs.

That’s why it finds a perfect place in your diet plan for keto transformation goals.The easily available cheddar cheese provides 1 gram carbs in a one-ounce serving.
Some studies suggest that Cheese may help in protecting you against heart disease, even it contains highly saturated fat.

4. Meat And Poultry itemsMeat and Polutery for keto diet

Yes, your keto diet food list also includes Meat and poultry item.

But that does not mean you can’t follow a keto transformation diet as vegan or vegetarian. It completely depends on your choice.
Fresh grass-fed Meat and free-range poultry are taken as staple foods in the ketogenic diet. Grass-fed meats, the healthiest choice. It contains conjugated linoleic acid, highly rich omega-3 fats, and antioxidants.

Furthermore, you can consume zero carbs in a whole day, even after you are among carnivores. But you also face a risk of having more protein than you need in the keto transformation process. That’s why it is necessary to eat it in moderation.

While following a diet chart, people stuck between following either rich protein or low protein food items. Here, the keto diet plan loses its goal. By consuming least 3-4 dishes enlisting meat and poultry items, you will be aiming your target more accurately.

5. Avocadosbenefits of Avocados on a keto diet

Here, I may get biased, as I love avocados.

Avocado is among high fat keto diet food items. According to a study, when people tried a diet containing avocados, they experienced a drastic 22 percent decrease in their bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It increased their “good” HDL cholesterol by 11 percent.

These are extremely healthy. 1/2 of Avocados contains 9 grams of carbs. Apart from just containing your targeted carbs, it also comes with other benefits as well. Furthermore, I recommend it to you while preparing keto breakfast food.

As they are highly rich in vitamins as well as minerals including potassium, makes your keto diet food list more heathier.

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6. EggsBest eggs  for ketogenic diet

In my school days, my football coach advised me to incorporate eggs into my meal. That time, I didn’t know, one day I would be suggesting you, “do that same”. You need to include eggs in the diet. I mean, an egg has always been among the most versatile and most nutritious food items in a 360-degree view.

Look, one large egg (organic egg) gives you one gram carbs and approx 6 grams protein. But you have to consume the whole one egg because the yolk of egg includes 2 beneficial antioxidants, zeaxanthin, and lutein.

Here, I also want to make it clear that eating more eggs would result in quite high cholesterol. But the best thing for a healthy one, eggs do not increase blood cholesterol levels. It reduces the chance of unprecedented widespread heart diseases. So better to include it in your keto breakfast.

7. Greek yogurt and Cottage cheeseGreek yogurt and Cottage cheese is keto diet friendly

One thing I want to make it clear don’t get confused. Yes, I preferred your plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. You may be reciting my words more cautiously, but dear there is a difference between Greek yogurt and Greek-style yogurt.

Greek-style yogurt is laden with sugar while Greek Yogurt is an easy-to-go snack. I mean it is protein-rich and healthy. Your keto lifestyle must be admitting a fact that it will be a part of your diet schedule.

5 ounces of your Greek yogurt give you near about 5 grams of carbs and 11 grams of protein. Now, one more, cottage cheese nutrition adds more to your carb or protein intake. So, lets add it in your cart for tommorow morning’s keto breakfast.

Cottage cheese is quite different from other dairy products. the cottage is fully gluten-free and rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. The cottage cheese nutrition doesn’t deviate you from your keto transformation journey.

8. Coconut OilBenefits of Coconut oil for keto diet

Undoubtedly, I will recommend you this till the time you and I celebrate your keto diet goal.
Coconut oil contains MCT( medium-chain triglycerides). They are easily taken up by your liver, then converting it into ketones. Here, it uses it as an active source of energy.
Hence, I suggest you include coconut oil cooked items in your keto breakfast.
It will boost your ketone levels and prevent the risk of major diseases.
So now when it comes to your goal, note that! It helps obese people to fuel up their weight loss journey.

9. Olive OilIs olive oil good for keto diet?

You have to believe that my mom keeps it in her grocery list every month. Every time I prefer salad it is used. While it reminds me back to first Olympic, kidding but yes it is an old remedy for a healthy life.

Similar in our case, while making a salad from your keto vegetables list use it. It contains oleic acids, that mitigate the probability of heart problems. It is a 100 percent genuine fat source and also contains 0 carbs. One more thing, don’t overheat olive oil, otherwise, it adversely affects your flavor.

10. Berriesberris are good on a ketogenic diet

Don’t forget, Berries are still not discussed. It is an effective listing in your ketogenic diet. I love it from my childhood and hope you too for your keto transformation process. People used to say more misinterpreted facts and findings of fruits. But the fact is that fruits contain numerous vitamins but yes some are more laden with sugar resulting in carbs consumption.


Berries are comparatively low in carbohydrate but rich in fiber, especially blackberries and raspberries. The amount of antioxidants reduces inflammation and protects you against disease. You may pick it in your keto breakfast recipes.
A 100grams of berries counts following carbs :
Blackberries: 5 grams
Raspberries: 6 grams
Strawberries: 6 grams
Blueberries: 12 grams

Here I have suggested you all 10 foods to eat on keto diet foods list including keto vegetables to fruits. These are what I tried to lose weight and quite happy I succeded. I also recommend it to my clients. I know you are committed to your goal and these recommendations will help you in getting it. Exploring more for you. Good luck brother/sister.