May 19, 2024

Yoga for Heart diseases in Women

Heart diseases are the most influential factors for the increasing death rate worldwide. Now, Yoga for healthy heart has become vocal . People have come up with an majestic way to counter heart problem.

We know and it is not the hidden fact, that women are the most vulnerable ones to Cardio diseases.

Hypertension is one of the main cause of heart problems, where stress at every stage of life become our companion and unknowingly harms us deeply. The stimulated sympathetic nervous system makes an immense adverse effect on our organs, where heart is the main target.

The holistic health approach of Yoga for healthy well being is too beneficial for the management of cardio-related diseases. Yoga tells to relax your body while you are in stress.Its ultimate scientific poses to strengthen the muscle, by doing physical movements .

It slows down your breath to the deeper level and meditating over the synchronization of poses stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and slows down the sympathetic nervous system.

This is how Yoga teaches you to switch your nervous system from fight or flight to relaxation.

Whenever the stress reduction comes in light restorative yoga comes out as the most interactive term. The use of props and bolsters to keep you relax in the poses is the core of restorative yoga.

Deep slow breathing with the complete concentration is extremely effective in calming down the nervous system and keeps you heart-healthy. Moreover the practice of Pranayama keeps your lungs healthy and makes them more powerful that fill your body with the oxygenated blood keeping all body organs healthy and rejuvenated.

Here, our Baroreceptors play the main role in regulating our blood pressure.

Baroreceptors are connected to the nerves that control your heart rate and blood pressure. Baroreceptors are located in the wall of each internal carotid artery at your carotid sinus. Baroreceptors detect the changes in blood pressure and send signal to nerves to adjust heart rate.

When the fall in BP is detected the signal is sent to raise the blood pressure and switch the nervous system to fight or flight mode(stimulate the sympathetic nervous system).; when the elevated BP is detected, the signal is sent to slow the blood pressure and switch to relaxation mode (calming down the sympathetic nervous system).


Inverted yoga pose for heart disease and relieving stress:

In all inverted postures where the heart is above the head, such as Sirsasana (headstand), Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand), Viprati Karni (Legs up to the wall), the blood flows towards heart owing to the gravity.

This makes baroreceptors detect the increase in arterial pressure and send a signal to the heart to

  • decrease the arterial pressure
  • lowering your heart rate
  • releasing hormones

that decreases the adrenaline production, and here it calms down your sympathetic nervous system.

This is how, Yoga poses to make a significant impact in making your stress free. Half inverted poses like downward dong poses and Forward bends also calms down the mind and makes a similar impact over the body.

Why Yoga?

Whether you are at the brisk of having any heart problem or you have gone through it, you should adopt yoga poses for a healthy heart. These yoga poses are easy to do and less strenuous than aerobic activity. Although it is always recommended to practice poses under the strict guidance of certified Yoga instructor.

So, take a deep breath and try some recommended yoga poses for the mind.