May 19, 2024

California Wildfire, Climate Change wake up call

Several blazes had been sparked in august due to the striking of lightning. The other factors like warm temperature and dry conditions have fueled the additional wildfires.

We are given you the visual guide of what is happening- a month on from a state of emergency being declared in California.

The wildfires are record-breaking-

Due to aggressive wildfire in the western U.S., communities are covered by a blanket of smoke, towns are devastating. Even wildfires are burning millions of acres in California, Oregon, and other parts of the western U.S.

The U.S. President Donald Trump has blamed the poor forest management for the blazes. A scientist has told that the bush fire this year has broken the record of the previous 18 years and now the increasing prevalence of these bushes has been linked to increased intensity to climate change.

Plumes of the smoke originating from wildfires are so large that they have crossed the U.S. and the Atlantic Ocean, carried by the jet stream, and have reached the skies of Europe.

Even NASA has captured the image of high altitude smoke and associated aerosols-particles in the air- as they have traveled in New York City and Washington DC in the last week.

The European commission’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) says that by the end of the last week of August the smoke had reached the California wildfire.

The effect of these blazes and wildfires can be seen thousands of miles away. These fires are emitting so much pollution and increasing global warming reflecting “just how devasting they have been in their magnitude and duration”, says Mark Parrington, a CAMS scientist.  

Data from CAMS shows that fires are a more significant increase from 2003-19 in 18 years of a time period.

NASA has described that “a perfect storm of meteorological factors” contributing to a period of extreme burning. Likewise, record-breaking temperatures, unusually dry air, and winds on the top of drought in some areas have increased the fires.


The US National integrity Fire Centre has said that firefighters are battling 106 large wildfires across the western US, with higher than normal levels of burning in many states.

And no forecast has revealed that there is no forecast for raining and the states will remain to be in dry conditions.

California government has said that according to cal fire that five of the top 20 largest fires in California’s history have occurred in 2020.

The area burned under land is massive

6.7 m acres (2.7 m hectares) had been burned in this area only. The fire has devastated small towns, thousands of homes have been destroyed, and killing more than 30 people.

Air quality is so poor: it is off the scale

 According to the global air quality rankings, air quality of Oregon, Washington, and California, the air quality index of these places has reached below the scale.

Pollution from wildfires contains soot and other fine particles dangerous to human health, as well as noxious chemicals. 


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