May 19, 2024

US Budget Proposes to cut Funding to Global Health Fund as Coronavirus fear lingers

Trump Proposes to cut the US budget funding to Global Health Fund as Coronavirus fear lingers

Trump proposes cuts in the US budget for global health programs during coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak turned into a global health emergency, the US administration has led another routine walk.

The Trump administration budget unveiled new approaches. A steep cut in the US budget for WHO and global health programs. It has come at the time when the global economy grappled into the vicious radius of Wuhan coronavirus. But the budget added proposed funding for much expected Global Health Security.

The Financial Year 2021 Budget Proposal was released today. It emboldens a proposed cut of nearly $ 65 Million to the WHO. Compared to FY20 funding, It was more than a 50% reduction in budget.

Furthermore, the budget for the Global Health Program is proposed to cut down by 34% for FY21.

On the other hand, It encapsulates a proposed $115M for Global Health Security for enabling the US government to prevent disease threats from morphing into a national or global emergency.
It will enable the US government to quickly detect threats and respond quickly to prevent critical infectious disease outbreaks in partnership with private and public stakeholders, international organizations, and mutual partnerships with other countries.

The total U.S budget proposed to Global Health Security is increased by $25M from the previous year’s request.

There could be a responsive impact of the WHO cut on the cumulative efforts for global coronavirus response.

Every international organization requires a need for greater efficiency and accountability. Hence, still, the US has been the largest donor to the global health budget in the world. The US possesses enough resources and targeted efforts to outreach specific diseases and global health crises.

Undoubtedly, it would be important to incentivize multilateral assistance instead of bilateral. Yet, both play imperative contributions in the economy, it has to make sure to deliver optimum results on the ground.

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State Steve Biegun – Deputy Speaker of State also claimed that the US. budget accentuates the country’s capacity in preventing, detecting and responding to sudden outbreaks and instantaneously prevent these epidemics from accessing our borders. It also allows the state administration to integrate flexibility in response to global health threats like Ebola and the novel coronavirus.

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