May 19, 2024

How to Meditate? The right method

From the ancient times, the human has been using his whole power to achieve the biggest asset of life, which is peace. Every creature in this world keeps on running to find the peace. An animal finds a shelter or hidden place to save himself from other more powerful animals. Even the most powerful and dangerous king of the jungle, the lion also hunt a submissive and easily conquerable animal and take him to a safe and peaceful place to eat. Human also keeps on finding peace, but the difference is that he feels the need of peace too late.

The human has a great misery with him, he does not want peace until he gets completely perturbed by the external things. He always tries to take charge of external things and forgets the inner affecting factors. Taking charge of external things is really a herculean task; almost impossible. I can’t control your mind. I can’t make you sit in front of me and listen to the discourse. In fact, This is more or less the desire of overpowering others. If one uses force and fear, he may make others physical slave but still can’t control the mind. When human could not get success in overpowering another human completely, he caught some peace-loving animals and tied the knot around their necks. The most lovable character of these animals is their loyalty towards food. You give them food and peace, they will devote their life to you somewhat like few animalistic humans. People do use “animalistic” as abuse, but in fact, I don’t see any issue in it. Animals are better than human in many aspects. They are crystal clear with their thoughts, they think straight. They eat, they sleep, they roam, they reproduce and they die almost like a human, but unlike a human, they don’t deceive. I am not here to propound any new philosophy, in fact, my motive is to define how much is meditation important for human.

Coming back to the point, Human feels the need of peace when he is lost with all efforts. All that he desires for life fall short against the peace and restful sleep. Most of the billionaires are paying doctors for giving them a restful sleep, but still, they don’t get, because it is an internal process. Its power center is your mind. You can’t find peace until your mind gets calm and mind does not get calm until you train it. Once you start training yourself to overpower the mind, it works wonder for you. Every step you forward becomes meditative. Meditation is not the one time process, it is the process of wait and watch. With all the respect to greath teachers, no guru has born in the world who can teach you to become calm unless you have the desire to do so.

I have no long theories for becoming meditative, but a certain process can help you take charge of your inner self. These are just a few simple steps which can help a beginner to feel himself and see his mind becoming calm every second. Once a little step you forward to become meditative, you yourself start lighting up the lamps for the next step.

Important instructions:

Sit with comfortable clothes.
The room must have enough daylight.
There should be no band, wrist watch, mobile phone or any electronic device with you.
Most importantly, there should be no watch in front of you. Meditation does not grow under the boundaries of time. The relaxation you will feel worth the time you invested.

Follow these simple steps for meditation:


  • Sit in any meditative posture in which you can stay longer with no movement.
  • Breath simple and free. You cant win the mind at once. But you can train it to listen to you and act accordingly.
  • Observe every breath coming in and going out.
  • Don’t manipulate the breath. Keep observing for few breaths.
  • Feel the duration of every inhale and exhale.
  • Observe your chest movement with every breath.
  • As you inhale, the chest is expanding large, as you exhale, chest muscles are relaxing.
  • Keep observing for few breaths.
  • Bring your attention towards your abdominal movement.
  • Observe the up and down movement of the abdomen.
  • No manipulation, No change, just keep breathing.
  • Stop the process and follow the next step once you feel a little calmer than before or you may keep repeating it as long as you wish.

Next steps:

Inhale deep and exhale completely for few breaths.
There should be no pressure, and stress over your face. Keep your eyebrows relaxed.
Count for 10, starting from 1 with every inhale like 1 2 3 4 5 6 …10.
Count reverse to 1 with every exhale like 10 9 8 7 6 5 …..1.
Keep repeating the process.
Once you feel capable of breathing longer, increase the gap between every count.
Stop whenever you feel uneasy and out of breath.
There should be no force and no pressure.
Repeat the process as long as you feel comfortable.

Advance step for meditation:

Once you feel comfortable with the process, repeat the above process while concentrating on Ajna chakra. Leave the process if you feel pain in any region of the head. People with a migraine and headache problem should not practice this. They can reap the same benefits with first two instructions.

I promise you that if you follow the first two process, you will feel an immense change in your life. For knowing further, you can send your query here.

|| Namaste ||