February 26, 2024

Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Putting mediterranean food on your table is considered good and healthy, if you are following the weight loss regime.  The famous weight loss recommendation by rebel wilson weight loss plan also puts mediterranean diet the prioroty and easier one to follow.  And if its organically grown, fresh bunch of green veggies, then nothing can stand against on the fray. Eating organic food comes with numerous benefits and good for your health.

Organic food produces through organic farming. In the production of organic food, unique and different methods or techniques are common for growing it. Foods that are naturally produced should not be called organic food. Do check the label while buying it.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is growing of agricultural crops using no pesticide and artificial fertilizer. Organic farming practices high level of biodiversity  and preservation of natural resources. In other words, the objective behind organic farming is to conserve the nutrients in the soil, reduced pollution, and maintaining natural livestock behavior.

Why organic food is good for your body?

To grow organic food, there is no use of preservatives, flavoring agents, artificial sweeteners, and pesticides. It uses manure as fertilizer while growing organic fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, meats, dairy products, and grains have also produced through organic farming. Furthermore, organic cookies, sodas, and breakfast seeds are also available.

Studies on the nutritional content of both organic and non-organic food have been done.

Results of studies have said that organic food contains more nutrients and antioxidants. It contains more zinc, vitamin C, and iron. 69% more antioxidants are present.

The low nitrates are present in organic foods as 30% less amount than non-organic foods. Nitrates increase the risk of cancer. It affects the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen in infants that are also known as methemoglobinemia.

The dairy products through organic farming, offer necessary benefits.

Organic milk has more omega-3 fatty acids, more carotenoids, a higher quantity of iron, and vitamin E. It contains less selenium and iodine than non-organic milk that makes it cogent part of diet plan for weight loss.

What makes organic food different from non-organic food?

Since in the growth of organic foods, there is no use of chemical pesticides and people prefer it to buy. So that there will be less exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics resistant bacteria. In the case of Organic products, at least there is 48% less cadmium as compared to non-organic foods.

A higher level of cadmium is extremely toxic. It can cause potential harm in the body when it accumulates.

Through washing, peeling, scrubbing, and cooking food you can reduce it and as a result, prevents its dangerous level in the body. These days organic junk food is also coming into the market. But it is not that healthy. It contains excessive to recommended calorie intake, extra salt, and sugar.

These organic junks are advertised widely on the name of weight loss foods, but still it contains the components which are not appropriate for the long term intake. Organic labels will tell you that they are made from raw sugar instead of plain sugar, but you get to know that sugar is still sugar.

Now a day’s due to numerous pros of organic food, more and more people are moving towards organic food items. 

Top 10 health benefits of Organic Food:

In the last decade, people have become more cautious about what they are eating. After knowing that organic foods offer so many benefits, people have turned their path in eating more of it.

1. Organic food improves health and fitness:

While producing or growing organic foods no chemicals and pesticides are common in use. So toxic chemicals will not reach our bodies.

You will be going organic with less probability of long term chronic disease. Use of Green manure is used as a fertilizer in producing the food, crop rotation in pest is used in growing the crops.

In this way, the final product, Organic food becomes nutritious, and benefits you a tastier, and build health.

2. Organic food is rich in antioxidants:

Macronutrients and antioxidants are more in the amount of organic food. Antioxidants offer many benefits to health.

It prevents heart disease, prevents cancer, improves vision; prevents rapid aging and hereditary problems also prevented.

Chemicals (heavy metals) in the form of fertilizers when used to react with antioxidants and thus reduce its positive impact.

3. Organic food reduces cardiac ailments

People, who eat organic meat mainly, have found healthy heart.

Animals produce, CLA, (conjugated linolic acid) when they eat grass. Herbivorous animals eat grass. The sun’s energy presents in the grass convert into this acid through herbivores animals.

CLA is a healthy fatty acid that protects the heart.

4. Organic food adds antibiotic resistance:

To treat and feed the animals (livestock animals), certain antibiotics, vaccines, and hormones are common in use to make them healthy. The basic idea is to protect the animals against specific viral or bacteria.

So when humans consume their meat, they encounter vaccines or hormones, antibiotics. It alters the immune system in rendering humans unable to find themselves against disease. Organic food on the other hand does not offer these things.

Due to a healthy antibiotic resistance supply, organic food extends numerous benefits to your body.

5. Organic foods adds up nice taste to your meal

Undoubtedly, Organic foods add taste to your plate. Organic food provides more nutrition, benefits in promoting good health. This is so because of the difference in the growth of these food items.

Using different and specific agricultural techniques is the main reason behind the advantages of organic products. Organic crop gets enough of the time to grow and mature properly.

6. Organic products reduces the risk of pesticides or toxicity in food:

Farmers or Producers use pesticides to remove the pest. Pesticides also make us prone to various health problems. It has mineral compounds like organ phosphorous.

Abnormalities due to this can be cancer, digestive disorders, congenital defects, make the immune system weak.

Organ phosphorous causes developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Here, adding an organic diet to your routine life prevents various diseases.

7. Organic food items increases immunity for healthy body:

Organic foods have more vitamins and nutrients, therefore they make your immunity strong. These foods have no chemicals as these are free from any chemical injections.

You need to add fresh and healthy food comprising vitamins boosting immunity.

Today, a good amount of organically produced food will nourish your life. So better not to compromise with the quality of your diet.

8. Organic items contains no trace of poisonous chemicals:

Organic vegetables don’t use chemicals or fertilizers, so it’s always healthy for a consumer in this way.

In other words, the Biomagnifications chain that is increasing in the percentage of accumulation of chemicals with the increases in order in the food chain is absent here.

To counter routine life’s health issues, your diet plays an important role. So, it is so eating organic food is beneficial for maintaining a good healthy life.

A genetically modified organism is absent in organic foods.

Generally, producers prefer genetic modification in crops to ensure their survival against pests. But going organic prevents the risk of getting prone to this poisonous food.

The change in the DNA of plants is to increase pest resistance. The advocates of food safety have revealed the disadvantages and abnormalities happening in GMO crops.

Slowed brain growth, internal organ damage, and GIT tract problem are the results of consuming GMO crops.

9. Organic products are fresh:

Not grown with the use of chemicals or fertilizers, organic foods have a longer shelf life.

They have strict standards of food production; processing and its smell and taste are results of it.

No flavors have added as such. The absence of preservatives in organic products enhances its shelf life.

10. Organic crops prevent food-borne illness

Those people, who want to increase their agribusiness, don’t take proper care of their livestock. Neither have they cared about the end consumer.

The use of these vaccinated animals has become so common to enhance the agricultural business.

Cases of foodborne illness are major disadvantages of non- organic foods.

In the case of these foods, your health will face compromises. This practice is popular as CAFOs ( concentrated animal feeding operations ). It gives the drug-resistant drug infection to the end consumers.

Is organic food near me better than regular food on the store?

Studies have shown that organic food items are better. They contain more nutrients, more antioxidants. There is still an opportunity for better detailing and exact evidence that how much of additional benefits stick to organic food. It should be according to your preference and choices after all.  You can try to grow organic food at home by setting up a small garden and taking some advice from experts.

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