June 20, 2024

Is COVID-19 PEAK in India yet to Come?

COVID-19 Situation in India

The number of cases of COVID-19 in India is rapidly increasing day by day and the peak of the number of cases is yet to come. This situation was similar to that of the USA and the peak may be coming soon. Doctors are using antigen tests on the number of suspected patients without understanding when these tests should be done.

On a daily bases, India has reported 78,861 new cases of COVID-19. It gives a scenario that at least 5.3 cases per 100,000 people (keeping 1.3 billion population of India in mind). To crush this number of cases and to reduce the number to 1 case per 100,000 is a huge challenge for India. However, many other countries are managed to achieve to reduce the number of cases. Now the virus is moving into rural India and the number of testing is also increasing in various states of India. 

It is not visible soon that cases of coronavirus disease are going to be declined. India and the USA are following a similar approach in fighting against COVID -19. Both these countries started unlocking when the number of the case is still increasing. Unlike European countries, they opened up only when new cases were declining. Indeed, the progression of this pandemic in India is outward from the metros to other cities and towns and from urban areas to rural areas.

The number of cases from mid-April to mid-June in the US shows a dip and then a long plateau. So, after that cases rise slowly up to the last of July, and then started falling again. In contrast, India’s seven-day average has never dipped, the graph of the number of cases of coronavirus disease is always increasing firstly slowly and then rapidly and now spread across the whole country, which is also the second-most populous country in the world.

Here, Delhi metro is going to start with the initiation of operation contains mandatory guidelines which are needed to be followed. Indian people are showing lack do discipline when it comes to wearing masks and practicing social distance.

Meanwhile, till 30 th August, India has crossed 35,00,000 COVID-19 cases and around 26% of the total number of cases in the world. The numbers are increasing rapidly and more efforts are needed to control silent spreaders o viruses.

The research suggests that children can also be the potential silent spreader of coronavirus. Although the number of cases has crossed the 3 million also India has the lowest fatality rate, which is 1.85%.  The recovery rate is 76%. Also, the doctors are trained and getting better in treating the patients and saving lives.

The talk of the second lockdown in India has not been the prominent discussion because; lockdown was destroying many livelihoods in other ways too.

It is still dicey that vaccines will be prepared this year, maybe in 2021 starting, people and the government have decided to live with this virus but ate the same time following guidelines are also important to save yourself and your family too. Meanwhile, the Central government has issued new guidelines for “Unlock4”.

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