July 25, 2024

COVID19: Need to find face masks, online demand increases for N95 masks.

Amid excess demand for masks, buy alternative masks to N95 masks.

Masks or alternate masks like N95
Citizens of Wuhan lining up outside of a drug store to buy masks during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Need to find an alternative.

Wuhan coronavirus accentuated the demand for protective measures. Among all measures, alternative masks of N95 masks at amazon for preventing virus is a buzz around everywhere.

A new update, with the lack of supply in the market, N95 masks producer 3M decided to double up the production.

The coronavirus outbreak in 2019 revealed the global health issues and its preparation. In 2003, the SARS outbreak showed a global panic. Still, its memory looming around in the people’s mind.

But now we encountered COVID19, originated from Wuhan, China.

What are the factors behind respiratory disease spread?

  •  Aging populations
  • Population density
  •  Decreased vaccination rates
  • High mobility

With the deadly expansion of the coronavirus transmission, the demand for masks online and offline has increased but with the increased cost and dwindling supplies.

Though researchers are engaged intensively to find how the novel coronavirus is transmitted, still no conclusive source.

CDC directions for How to wear or use  n95 masks
Warning outside the medical centre in Sydney due to Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

CDC recommends that the health workers are treating it like germs   (airborne pathogen) that can usually be transmitted through droplets or particles in the air.

It also means healthcare workers having an interaction with coronavirus patient, should be wearing a heavy-duty mask-N95 respirator.

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With the growing concern over coronavirus transmission, the importance of N95 face masks or surgical masks is increased. According to the CDC, These N95 masks are designed to block at least 95 percent of total small airborne particles.

While these N95 masks are available in the market for public sale, but health agencies released no recommendation for wearing it by the general public.

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Should you wear a surgical mask, N95 mask or masks like N95 mask outdoors in public?

Should you wear a surgical or N95 mask outdoors in public?
Watson queue for face masks

You need not worry if you are in-country having low or no risk of getting Wuhan coronavirus transmission.

Summarizing from a source, according to an assistant professor at Emory University, Marybeth Sexton, You need not worry if you are in a country having low or no risk of getting Wuhan coronavirus transmission.

But yet wearing a surgical mask would be better, in case you have to go through from respiratory illness and appoint a visit to a doctor. Otherwise, don’t rush out to a pharmaceutical shop and buy a mask.

Leave them for those people like ill people and healthcare workers. Do not multiply the problem of preventive masks shortage.

According to MacIntyre’s research N95 respirators are capable of offering far superior protection than ordinary masks.

On the other hand, another study, suggests, that wearing surgical masks can also prevent the risk of getting infected while taking care of a sick child at home.

Demand for Alternative masks or masks like N95 masks for coronavirus online at Amazon

Alternate of N95 mask for coronavirus
Wanchai Pharmacy mask sold out. The problem starts as demand for N95 masks increasing with more coronavirus transmission cases.

The search for a N95 face mask for preventing coronavirus has accentuated with increasing cases. But as its demands increase more than its supply. It means there is a lack of supply of N95 masks for coronavirus, which makes it quite problematic.

More concerns about healthcare professionals and infected people, they need it more.

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There are more alternatives to n95 masks for preventing transmission of coronavirus. These include filtering facepiece respirators, full-facepiece air-purifying respirators, PAPRs ( Powered air-purifying respirators), elastomeric half mask.

But, you need to have proper disinfection/cleaning procedures for preventing infectious particles.

Amid Coronavirus cases in India, demand for n95 masks at Amazon increases.

The global unrest has given rise to accentuated demand of N95 face masks at amazon. People need to understand, not to be panicked unnecessarily.

These are various masks like n95 masks online and on store that may provide higher or equivalent protection to N95 respirators or face masks.

NIOSH, CDC approves alternate filtering facepiece respirators, protective as the N95 masks for protection.

These alternative masks of N95 masks include :


 (Not resistant to oil)



(strongly resistant to oil)



(somewhat resistant to oil)











Usually, Elastomeric respirators are referred to as reusable respirators. The facepiece can be reused, till it is clean but need to replace filter cartridges when it is not good to use it further. A recommended alternative to N95 respirators.

Powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs ) are loose-fitting helmets or hoods. These are reusable respirators. PARPs are battery-powered with an effective blower. The blower helps in pulling air by attached cartridges or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Does face mask protect you from coronavirus?

Does face mask protect you from coronavirus?

More importantly, experts fetch attention by pointing out the way you remove your mask whether it is N95 masks (respirators) or surgical masks. So, if you keep touching the face of the mask while taking it off, you may end up contaminated yourself.

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