February 26, 2024

Weight Loss theory 2022: How many calories to eat per day?

Do you know how many calories we eat in a day? Any recommended calorie intake for weight loss? We need to regularly have a check on this.

Well, I am sure that is not a pretty record or effort we put in, but in fact, we are compromising with our health here.

Well, the recommended calorie intake for women is likely to have between 1600-2000 calories a day and men have between 2000-3000 calories,

But daily calorie consumption differs for every individual depending on age, size, height, lifestyle, activity level, overall fitness.

What is Weight loss theory and how does it relate to calories?

According to the various weight-loss theories, the Setpoint Theory has potential findings.

The researchers developed it while finding that every person has an established set point (weight) that their body tries to maintain. According to the set point theory, the body decides how much fat it wants to maintain.

It is found that your caloric intake usually falls and climbs, but your body adjusts its BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) that maintains the fat-to-muscle ratio.

This can work in another way also. According to new research, people who successfully lose weight started gaining weight after some time.

Yet, it seems like a common, but the next findings show a different scenario.

It was found in the study, that body gaining 10 percent of their weight now started to burn 10 to 15 percent calories more slowly than expected.

Thus, it indicates that their bodies attempted to lose every extra pound and start getting back to pre-set weight.

But taking too many calories will gain weight, and having too few calories taken per day may lead to weight loss and muscle loss.

So, how do calories work for your fat loss journey?

Calories are the smallest packet of energy that food provides.

General facts on how many intakes of calories, are better to eat per day vary by age.

Let’s have a proper idea for individuals of all age groups to plan their meals accordingly.

  • Having protein and healthy fats in your breakfast can help you in losing weight or maintaining it because it makes you ready for a longer time.

  • Meals consist of fruits and vegetables giving 500 calories to keep you active for a day longer and avoid eating frequently.

  • To be efficient in your work your brain should be active day and night and it uses 20% of energy (calories) intake

How does Calories Burn in Bodily function?

Organically, the body uses calories or energy as fuel to furnish metabolic activities and physiological activities.

Blood circulation, Diaphagaram movements, digestion, respiration and breathing, excretion, movements, responsiveness, are the physiological processes that are continuously go-on.

Deliberately if you have a higher intake of calories, do more physical activities in a day too.

On average, 70% of all daily energy comes from the basic function of organs in the body, 20% comes from physical activity and 10% comes from physical activity.

The type and amount of food and timing of intake meals have a huge impact on the maintenance of your body weight.

The potential health benefits of a diet with low carbs ensure requisite calories intake and a healthy lifestyle.

Your food choice should be according to the daily intake of nutrients in the total calorie requirement of the body.

Your diet should be a mixed diet.

How to cut calorie intake to reduce weight in a few days?

The first thought that comes to your mind, while listening to cut your calorie intake. It needs dieting and low-calorie intake.

Yes, you are going right, but here we tell you a simple but effective way to reduce your weight.

A Sedentary lifestyle generally doesn’t allow you to do exercises each day. It becomes more problematic for women.

So, a better way to plan your fat loss journey starts with using the weight calculator. It tells your weight and now you will decide the number of calories you need to take each day.

So, most women are not able to cut their daily food intake, we suggest you include exercise in the following way.

How to manage calories intake with daily exercise?

Daily Calories

Like if according to my weight, the calculator has told me to take only 1200 calories per day, then what should I do

Start to Eat 1400 calories (100 extra) per day and add a short evening workout per day to your routine to burn out the extra 700 calories each week.

Second, Eat 1500 calories (200 extra) per day and should do high-intensity workouts two times a week. Add three 30 minute walks to burn the extra 1400 calories each day.

At last, Eat 1600 calories (300 extra) per day and add 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise to the daily schedule to burn extra 2100 calories each week.

In the above cases, we have added the extra calories each day in your food budget and burned more with exercise to have the proper deficit for weight loss.

If you want to lose weight faster, add only exercise with a daily routine, and not add extra calories to your daily diet.

Thus, a fine combination of healthy calories and exercise is the best, for an effective weight loss strategy.

Do I need to eat low calories food to lose weight?

A question to eat recommended calories a day heads for a weight loss diet for some people.

We say that you can eat whatever you want to eat, but still in your calorie range. As it is not that easy to lose weight with unregulated dietary habits. You may be eating candies and chocolates while thinking of losing weight.

All efforts go to waste!

It is hard to tolerate your carb cravings for delicious food and eat instead of nutritious food.

Healthy food just not helps you in losing weight but also makes you feel more energized, satiated, and strong. It will leady you to live an active healthy lifestyle.

When you eat junk food, like high carb food, your craving will go on increasing. It means you eat more, and you can’t lose weight.

Can I eat more calories if doing exercise every day?

When you have calculated the number of calories using the calculator, go for exercise now.

It means you need to factor exercise into the equation, and you shouldn’t eat extra calories. For reducing weight, it expects from you low calories with the physical activity.

In case you didn’t plan exercise while using a calculator, add a session of workouts throughout the day. This session will help you create the calorie deficit.

Also, remember one thing not to eat back the calories spend in a workout session. It increases the deficit which will eventually help you to lose weight faster.

o, if you maintain excercise and recommended calories, it works to lose reduce weight. Look, your weight will lose at the same rate as shown in the calorie calculator.

This is what I m saying because eating more calories is easy than you burn after exercise. It will eventually end up in weight gain instead of a loss.

Are calories different or the same in nature?

It will be guided by the calculator, how many calories you should take, yet not all calories are the same.

Calories from the nutritious food will keep you full for a longer time. It provides energy for activation and improves your well-being.

So now the query is what is healthy or nutritious food or what food items your plate should consist of?

What should you eat in low calories diet every day?

Look, for colourful vegetables like leafy salad greens, bright peppers, and crunchy carrots or radishes. These will nourish your day with the required calories to eat naturally.

Other foods like lean meats can be chicken and fish. One can also take and enjoy the red meat but in moderation.

Whole grains, oatmeal, whole grains bread, or crackers will provide you with rich fibers. So we suggest you eat the whole fruit rather than taking the fruit juice.

Add nuts, seeds, and other healthy fats in small amounts only. Drink as much as water instead of teas, sodas, or any sports drinks.

Empty calories, amazed to hear this word! These are found in processed foods that have added sugars, trans fats, and excess fats. These empty calories will leave you hungry instead, increase cravings also enhance fatigue.

In other words, empty calories lack minerals, vitamins, and fibre which is somewhere essential for you.

As one needs to know and adapt to so many changes when going on a weight loss journey.

It is possible that your weight loss doesn’t start as you start doing exercise and cutting calorie intake. But surely you will see results in a few days or months.                                                                                            

So, What should be your ideal Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet has different types of foods including carbs, fats, proteins, and vitamins, in proportion to meet calorie intake requirements every day.

In this way, your body will not suffer nutritional deficiency by the calorie provided by a particular nutrient.

But most of the time, if you are craving carbs that may mean that you have plunged into an addiction to it.

Dietary Carbohydrates

Dietary Carbohydrates are the chief source of energy because they contribute 60-70% of the total calorie requirement.

Eat more fiber

Fruits, vegetables, wholegrain encourage your healthy digestion, prevent constipation, decrease GIT cancers, reduce plasma cholesterol level, and increase satiety value.

Dietary proteins

Dietary proteins provide 10-15% of the total calorie requirement. For an adult, 0.8-1.0 g protein/ kg of body weight is adequate.

Dietary fats

Dietary fats are recommended intake of 20-30% of dietary calorie intake. It provides essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). 50% should be PUFA. These are present in vegetable oils and fish oils.

What should calories intake for an average adult per day?

The number of calories an individual take per day varies. So, keep track of your daily calorie intake which depends on physical activity, BMR, SDA.

Let’s understand this:

1. Basic Metabolic Rate:

Least energy is required to maintain the body at complete physical and mental rest.

It is important to calculate the calorie requirement of an individual.

2. Physical Activity:

It is highly variable for an individual. It depends mainly on the duration and intensity of muscular activity.

3. Specific Dynamic Function (SDA)

It is the extra heat produced by the body during the breaking down of a particular food item.

It is stored in the body to extract energy from different foods. Different foods have different SDA values.

ProteinFats             Carbohydrate  
30%10-13%               5%  

Proteins, therefore you can see consumes maximum energy and crabs least. Fats are the best source of energy due to their lowering effects on SDA value.

Physical activity         IndividualsCalories Required
Light work                   Teachers, Doctors, Office workers                       2200-2500
Moderate work          Housewives, Students                                       2500-2900
Heavy work                Agricultural labourers, miners                         2900-3500
Very heavy work       Construction workers, Rickshaw pullers        3500-4000

There are many ways to burn calories.

But better for you to control your body weight by adopting some changes in dietary habits.

Exercise, take walk immediately after taking meals, do weight lifting, running, swimming.

Drink water, avoid alcohol, and sodas because they contain too many calories.

Check the labels of food items you are buying, so that you can count calorie intake per day. Use smaller plates while serving your daily meals.

Avoid eating 2 hours before because eating within 2 hours of sleeping can interfere with sleeping quality and weight gain.

Get enough sleep because sleep loss affects metabolism gets linked to an increase in weight.

In conclusion

So, to reduce weight, it’s better to make some adjustments. So, before cutting calories of a day, for any reason, analyze everything from intake to other dietary habits.

But, you may find some medical reasons behind unwanted weight loss.

So, you need to talk to your doctor, if slimming down without taking minimum calories in a day.

Follow dietary recommendations to take calories a day.


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