June 20, 2024

Hot bath burn more calorie than walk

If you have ever skipped gymming from your daily schedule, then it is not going to tax you too much. If you enjoy an hour in the hot tub, Surprisingly, it may also offer you great health benefits by increasing your metabolism and burning calories.

Try hot water bath for weight loss

The researchers at Loughborough University claim, that having a hot bath makes similar benefits to your health as exercising. The overall metabolic rate increases, while taking a hot bath.

In fact, the passive heating approach, makes a positive impact on the blood sugar level, which is good indicates along with a nice boost to the calories you burn.

Effectiveness of hot bath for weight loss:

A test conducted by Dr. Steve Faulkner comprised 14 men who took part in the two different tasks. The first was told for one-hour long cyclinHot water burn more calories than walkg while the rest are told for an hour-long 40-degree celsius hot bath. This test was designed to raise the body temperature by one degree, to study how many calories are burnt in each session.

Undoubtedly, cycling tends to burn more calories, than a bath, but an hour in a hot tub also burns more calories than a 30-minute walk. The accumulative blood sugar response to both conditions was the same, whereas the peak blood sugar after eating was comparatively 10 percent lower for participants taking a hot bath.

Hot bath does more than just burning calories.

Hot bath is a centuries old technique for maintaining the optimum health.  Chinese therapies and Indian ayurveda is known for practicing the hot bath for gaining good health.  Hot bath calorie burn is just a single benefit, there is a lot more , hot bath offers:

  • Hot bath soothes the sore muscle and relax joints, therefore recommended after a workout session.How to Lose belly fat so fast 
  • Hot bath is known for smoothening the skins and increasing the longevity. 
  • Hot bath for 30 minutes signals mind to relieve the stress and fight depression.
  • A hot water shower after a day long trip is known for giving a sound sleep, also recommended to be helpful in insomnia.
  • Hot bath removes the bacteria and improves immunity. It relieves the symptoms of flu and cold.

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Studies also revealed that passive heating may also benefit in reducing chronic inflammation in Diabetes Type2. Further, you will be relieved to hear, that frequent saunas greatly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in men, while also can lower blood pressure.

Also, remember the science of weight loss is not as easy as it seems. It cannot be just a game of a few numbers. Metabolism plays a significant role in digesting food and transforming it into energy molecules called ATP.

Don’t go starving for weight loss. Try natural ways to reduce weight and focus on holistic fitness.

Always check your health condition with a medical practitioner before using any fitness advice.