July 25, 2024

10 best cardio workout for burn fat fast

Are you fed up of hitting the treadmill and spending intense 60 minutes for burning your extra fat hidden at your belly? Regular exercise is good habit, but it really sucks, when you have a busy schedule with more than nine hours at office, or your returning after a long mind-sucking meeting from offices.

It is not possible everytime to snatch out a dedicated one hour for your gym and become impossible when you are at the tour. College days are over and we can’t live life the way, we used to live. Some easy cardio exercises are the move you really need that can be performed at home and can be used for reducing your pouch. Pick these exercises and include in your activity session.

If you are beginner:

Power Skips

Plank Jacks

Mountain Climbers and Mountain Climber Twist


Fast Feet Shuffles

If you are intermediate:

Tuck jumps:



Steppers Exercise:

Moves for advanced :

Pendulum Exercise:

Lunge Switch:

Plyometric pushup: