February 26, 2024

Be yourself with Yoga: Pull yourself out of groove

Committed to the daily schedule of 9 to 5, completing the assignment as your are punished to do, confining yourself to be the one as other wants you to live, this is the way this generation is living their life. You grow older because you want yourself to be!

Think of the moment, when you are completely free, levitating in air with no weight of scheduled work, entirely free and extremely high. No souvenir of your failed assignments and no daunting for the upcoming projects. Your rhythm of life is sustaining on your passion. The one which you love the most to do, the one which you can spend more than 24 hrs in a day without frowning your eyes on itsy-bitsy failures. Every second you are achieving new heights with your own pleasure, you are no more a puppet of a wealthy person, who directs you to the very projects without even demanding your consent or advice. The false designation which vanishes as you step out of the gate of your office are no more enticing to you, tailgating is no more your cup of tea, you are breathing your most loved breezes, you are feeling the bliss in every second you spend with the most desirable work. One hour break with the fake freedom at your office cafeteria is no more measure of your enjoyment, Friday night parties are no more the enticement, First day of every month with the hope of very limited salary in your account is not you are destined for. You are earning every minute, every second, every moment you are living; and this can happen only when you are living the life you have dreamt for.

Friends, I meditate daily, because I love to do so, relief from every stress the work gives me, away from every order, bosses have imposed over me, exploring the purpose for which I am here. Meditation gives me a big “I”. I get the real value of my existence, I find that I am not the ordinary one and I have a strong purpose to be here. It is the power of Yoga, It lets me find myself, each pose let me breathe deeply and acquaint the real meaning of life.

Today I am not writing for the sharing my Yoga knowledge, rather sharing what Yoga has given me in real sense. Friends, you just do what you want yourself to do. The world regards the one who stands out of crowd and draw his own line, rest are counted in a queue with no respect to their wills. Your expansion lies in your desire. Birds fly high, because they want to fly. Before completing your boss’s order, let yourself accomplish order of your heart. Let your heart define its own way of life. Few bucks more in your wallet does not pay your the happiness, but an hour with your lovable thing increases the glow your face with no cost.