May 19, 2024

Cure your elbow pain

Your elbows are the important joints in your body with a strong flexibility to let you throw, lift, and swing. The functionality proves that it is not a simple joint, therefore many things can go wrong if these joints are overused. Here, it is the joint where three bones join together : humerus, ulna and radius. The soft gel like cartilage at the end of every bone allows them to slide against each other, while tissue called ligaments keep them into place. Tendons connect bones to muscles and allow to move arm in different ways.

Any injury to any of them causes you pain.

Dislocated Elbow: The dislocation of any of the bone which form elbow. The dislocation may occur through any of the activity when you fall on your hand or tries to stretch your hand while falling.

Elbow Fracture: Any sudden accident or a jolt can cause the bone at elbow to break or fracture. You may be able to move your elbow even after fracture, but it is recommended to take remedy.

Strains and Sprains: Excessive pressure on your elbow causes the muscle to tear for example while lifting weights, which is called strain. When the ligaments are torn due to stretching, it is called sprain.

Bursitis: Repeating certain action may also cause some pain. The small sacs with fluid are located to cushion bones and tendons, which swell up due to the iterative motion. It is simply treated with rest and get better within few days.

Tennis Elbow/ Golfer Elbow: These are the type of tendinitis, which occurs due to the swelling around the elbow from overuse. It occurs due to arm motions. Tennis elbow causes pain at outer side, while Golfer elbow causes pain inside.

Here is the elaborated diagram of Tennis Elbow, which is the most popular injury around elbow.

Trapped Nerves: When a nerve passing through the wrist gets squeezed, it is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When the Ulnar nerve(one of the main nerve in your arm) gets squeezed; causes pain, it is called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. If the radial nerve gets squeezed, it is called radial tunnel syndrome.

Stress Fractures: A small fracture in your arm bone can occur due to the excessive force while throwing any objects.

You may get relief from the ice pad and some strengthening exercises. However, few wrist extensor and wrist flexion exercises combined with strengthening exercises with light weights can help you with pain.

Exercise 1:

Keep your hand straight at shoulder level in front. Make fist and try to stretch your fist downward. Feel the stretch and hold for 30 second, Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times.

Exercise 2 :

Put hand in previous posture and stretch the palm upward (towards you). Feels the stretch in forearms and hold for 30 second, Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times.

If the stretch is not enough, you may use another to pull and push your wrist. Other than the exercises, ice pad may help you with the prevention of further injury to the tissues.