Surya Namskar for ageless skin, longevity and good health

Surya Namskar for ageless skin, longevity and good health

Today, the busy lifestyle has been overlapped with the sedentary lifestyle, where aging, obesity and several diseases are the most annoying problems, even at youngsters. Few days ago I met with a 24 year old guy with 6’1 height and has won several Bodybuilding competition. It was the health awareness program and he asked me few exercises to keep back healthy. The extreme weight training started making his posture slouch and introduced him with the severe pain in his L4-L5.

This is not a single case. It is common in now a days. On the other hand girls are conscious about their skin but are not getting able to sustain the natural glow in skin even after using a range of cosmetic treatment. The active lifestyle can cure many problems, where Obesity is the most stress generating one for the young girls. The lower belly fat annoys much because of its immovable nature and the girl who wants the flat tummy are looking for Yoga classes. Deep thanks to Shilpa Shetty and other celebrity for showing their success with help of our indigenous Yoga.

Surya Namaskar defined in Yoga is a set of 12 postures that can liberate you with much more than you have thought about. The scientific posture is sequenced in a tremendous way that satiate the individual needs and gives a healthy lifestyle. When practiced at low speed, increases flexibility, gives relaxation and removes fatigue, while the fast version gives a nice cardiovascular movements. One set of Surya Namaskar burns 13.94 calories where one set contain 2 round of 12 poses each. Doing few sets of Surya Namaskar can start your morning in refreshed way. Although Surya Namaskar gives overall benefit to all organs but there are following major benefits.

Surya Namskar for ageless skin, longevity and good health
Flat tummy:

The most searched about keyword over the internet “Flat Tummy” is the major reason of stress among every age group. Few set of Surya Namaskar done in fast pace makes heart pumping and gives your lungs fine workout. The postures helps in stretching abdomen muscles and help you in reducing extra flab around the tummy.

Glowing and ageless skin:

The postures in Surya Namaskar improves the blood circulation in the body bringing back the natural glow while the inverted posture in the Surya Namaskar makes the blood circulation to the giving shine to your face.

Better Digestion:

The poses in Surya Namaskar aids in digestion by giving the nice compression and stretch to the abdomen and increases the blood circulation to the digestive tract giving the better digestion. It also solves the gastric problem by increasing the abdomen space; releasing the gas.


The functioning of pancreas is improved and the insulin level is balanced which regulates the sugar level in body giving the significant benefit in both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Sleeping disorder:

The regular practice can relieve you from the sleeping disorders and can ensure a profound sleep to you. This you can feel from the very first day of the practice.

Female health:

Surya Namaskar can benefit women, in case they are suffering from irregular menstrual cycle. Further, it also helps in easy child birth.

Stress :

It relieves one from stress through calming down the nervous system, normalizing the endocrine glands and thyroid gland. The nervous system gets a switch from flight or fight response to relaxation mode.

The proper practice of postures can cure the ailments in a magical way and can give you overall benefit. Besides, it does not need the equipments and one hour like gym. Just take Yoga mat and step for your first set of Surya Namaskar


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