National Pizza Day: Free Pizza from calories.

National Pizza Day:

Oh yes! National Pizza Day.

How could you restrict yourself from falling for the delicious crispy crusts settled with a soft embrace of cheese and an array of toppings?  scrumptious!

The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 a.m.

Charles Pierce

Do you know anything about pizza?
That seems sarcastic but I am honest this time. Do you know the fundamentals? You need to know it today before exploring a list of deals and freebies on Pizza day.

Pizza is an easy homemade supper. But what makes it more delicious- are Dough, sauce, toppings.  You got it. Let’s know, how can you make your pizza different from your so-called ordinary Pizza. Especially on National Pizza Day!

National Pizza Day:  Celebrate with a Healthy Pizza

National Pizza Day: Healthy Pizza TipsYour pizza may be either blamed as greasy junk food or a healthy combination of picked fresh ingredients. I thought you should need to think about the latter.

Lets Dive in for your Right to eat Pizza on National Pizza Day :

1) Use a Whole-Grain Crust

You can use a Whole-Grain to make your Pizza healthy.  Every slice of your pizza will possess extra protein and fiber. It is a fact that a great pizza lives by its crust, and here you need to take a look. You can make it by mixing whole grain or bought from the store.

2) Fewer calorie Cheeses

So, here look for rich flavor but low-calorie cheese. Pick a combination of Sharp provolone, part skin mozzarella, and Parmesan.

3) Use Veggies

Celebrate National Pizza day to night with a healthy pizza and party hooters. Use what you bought last night, Veggies only! Be smart! Toss it on.

4)Healthier ingredients for toppings

Instead of a large amount of cheese, pick healthy pizza toppers such as meaty mushrooms. and roasted squash.

5)    Servings with Salad

Do not make your day boresome, let’s serve Pizza with a freshly made salad. That will make you able to follow your new year resolution of dropping weight.

6) Use Homemade Sauce

Usually, Jarred pizza sauces are terrifically drowned in preservatives So, it is prudent to make your sauce, instantaneously improving the chance of healthier diet. Try fresh garlic, pesto, and virgin olive oil.

7) Add Spice

Instead of making you Pizza greasy, prepare a spicy one. Use red pepper flakes and fresh chiles matching subtle flavors like fresh herbs and tomatoes.

8)  Protein

Shrimp, grilled chicken, Lean steak and other lean proteins prepare a protein-rich pizza for your National Pizza day!

Here I sum up some quick points to make your day healthier. Stay happy! Be Pizzarican!


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