Hypertension: Types, Causes and How to Reduce

Hypertension:Types, Causes and How to reduce.

Hypertension means high blood pressure. The pressure with which the blood is flowing in your arteries is known to be as blood pressure. But more than 1 billion people worldwide have the problem of hypertension.

So, often with medication or naturally, they get concerned about how they can reduce high blood pressure.

The blood pressure depends mainly on two factors, first is the force with which blood is continued to be pumped, and the resistance offered to the blood is flowing.

As there are no acute signs and symptoms of high blood pressure , and also the problem of high BP develops in many years. It causes serious health problems SDS as heart disease and may cause hemorrhagic problems as well.

High b.p (blood pressure) problems can cause the rupture of many blood vessels, without getting noticed. High blood pressure enhances the way to a heart attack or stroke.

So being concerned and prescription from your doctor on about how to reduce your BP problems can help you against major future complications of hypertension.

Symptoms of High blood pressure in Children and Adults

Usually, people with high blood pressure don’t have specific signs and symptoms. When the BP goes very high, symptoms can be headaches, rapid breathing rate, and bleedings in the nose also.

Serious conditions can come when blood pressure is very high. It becomes more dangerous for smokers.

The nicotine found in cigarettes deepens the problem. It raises heart rate and blood pressure levels dangerously.

What causes the dangerous level of blood pressure?

Causes of hypertension

Causes of Hypertension: There are two kinds of hypertension which cause high blood pressure disorder.

1. Primary hypertension

Primary high blood pressure can be generally due to no reason or underlying medical condition. Many people mostly suffer from primary high blood pressure. It develops slowly and takes years.

2. Secondary hypertension

When anyone develops a problem of high B.P. due to underlying medical conditions, then it is called secondary hypertension.

It is worse than primary hypertension. It gives even more high blood pressure than primary hypertension. Also, other than medical conditions, medications can cause life dangerous situation to people with high B.P. level problems.

Following medical situations or medications can lead to HBP (High blood pressure)

  1. Sleep disorders.

2. Renal problems.

3. Metabolism problems.

4. Congenital defects in blood vessels.

5. Specific medications like such as birth control, pills, cold remedies, decongestants, over the counter pain relievers.

6. Uses of cannabiniods and amphetamines.

Risk factors of hypertension

A variety of environmental factors, age factors, and certain other leading causes of hypertension.

1. Different age groups:

As aging is a natural process, people grow older and therefore certain problems and of all problems, one is of high blood pressure.

In men’s at the age of 64, one will have B.P. problems. In women, after the age of 65, they start facing the same problems.

2. Overweight and hypertension:

Many people are found themselves overweight according to their height and weight. They cross ideal weight brackets according to their age.

When you are obese, more fat is present in your body and more oxygen will be needed by your body tissues and hence more blood will flow in arteries. So, more pressure will be exerted on your blood vessels or arteries.

3. Lethargy or inactiveness

when you do exercise, your body tissues more energy for muscles, and that energy-releasing depends on oxygen and the amount of blood circulating in arteries.

So when you are exercising your heart has to do more work in each contraction and pumping to pump more blood.

If you are unfit, then your heart has more resistance in pumping blood because it was not previously forced to do more work, so obese people’s heart rate increases very easily, because of the said reason.

4. Smoking:

Using tobacco or nicotine and high uses of sodium and low use of potassium raises hypertension.

As smoking is not directly and rapidly going to affect the blood pressure. It will cause a problem in a large period.

Smoking will block your arteries because the chemicals it contains will destroy the lining of blood vessels. Arteries will be narrow and cause a risk to your heart.

High sodium in the body will retain more fluid, and therefore there will be more blood pressure. Low potassium can aggregate too high sodium in the body because potassium is responsible for maintaining sodium.

Smoking eventually raises your blood pressure (Hypertension) if it continues.

5. High Intake of alcohol affects blood pressure:

Drinking alcohol in moderation is a good deal for your heart.

For women it is recommended only one drink is enough, and for men, two drinks are enough.

More than the recommended intake of alcohol will affect the heart and then causes high blood pressure problems.

6. Fear or Anxiety

Any kind of anxiety, pressure, difficulty, fear, danger, any type of concern can cause high blood pressure problems.

Complications of hypertension

1. Heart problem

This happens when the walls of arteries become stiffed then it causes further heart problems. High blood pressure can cause a heart attack, and stroke as well.


When blood pressure increases, the wall of arteries gets stretches, and arteries will become bulge.

3. Metabolic disorder.

 4. More confusion in the mind.

Range of Blood Pressure: Normal Range for Child and Adult

Age BracketNormal Systolic Range
Normal Diastolic Range
Newborn to 1 month45–80 mm Hg30–55 mm Hg
One month to 12 months65–100 mm Hg35–65 mm Hg
Child (1–5 years)80–115 mm Hg55–80 mm Hg
Child (6–13 years)80–120 mm Hg45–80 mm Hg
Adolescent (14–18 years)90–120 mm Hg50–80 mm Hg
Adult (19–40 years)95–135 mm Hg60–80 mm Hg
Adult (41–60 years)110–145 mm Hg70–90 mm Hg
Older adult (61 and older)95–145 mm Hg70–90 mm Hg

Your blood pressure can be measured by a winding of cuff around the arm and measuring the blood pressure by a sphygmomanometer (pressure measuring gauge).

Blood pressure is measured in mm of mercury. The blood pressure when measured gives two numbers; the higher number is when the heart contracts and known as systolic blood pressure, and a lower number stand for diastolic pressure.

The systolic pressure tells the pressure on walls of arteries when blood is pumped. The diastolic pressure tells the pressure in between the beats.

Normal blood pressure. It is 120/80 mm of Hg, 120 are for systolic blood pressure, and 80 mm of hg tells about the diastolic blood pressure.

High blood pressure. High blood pressure can be more than 120 to 140 mm of Hg. The diastolic pressure can be up to 90 mm of Hg.

Treatment to bring down blood pressure

Treatment to bring down blood pressure. There many ways to high reduce  blood pressure.

In treatment for hypertension, both lifestyle changes and some medications as prescribed by the doctor are necessary.

There are natural treatments for high blood pressure , but better medication results effectively for you.

The doctor will ask you to change some of your lifestyle habits such as –

  1. Eating food which contains less salt and good for the heart.

2. Exercise regularly.

3. Try to decrease your weight if you are obese.

4. Control your excess drinking of alcohol habits.

Natural way to lower blood pressure

There must be a change in your lifestyle and follow home remedies for high blood pressure.

1. Eat healthy foods:

Try the dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH); it can help you lower your blood pressure. This diet tells to depend more on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and poultry.

2. Regular blood pressure checkup:

Buy an automatic machine from which you can measure your blood pressure easily at home.

3. Mindfulness:

Practice meditation and slow breathing as well.

4. Do not Smoke.

It increases your hypertension in long run.

Try to maintain your blood pressure during your pregnancy time.


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