May 19, 2024

I could not lose 10 pounds in a week, If didn’t follow this…

Are you feeling low? Do not worry, I have also experienced a ” weight gain” problem.  I used to ask my friends about a plan to lose 10 pounds in a week and a weight loss meal plan. And fortunately, I made it possible in a week.

Ok, let’s do one thing, I will tell you how I did I lose 10 pounds in one week.

So, before starting it, I hope you don’t have a bad medical history. I mean, do you have any health problems? Buddy, if it is serious, it may affect your body.

Usually, people rush towards a protein-rich diet, but too much protein can also cause liver stones!


I also had a diagnosis of liver stones, that’s why I had to take care of the daily intake of protein.

Hence, I suggest you also to consult a doctor first. I care for you.

Steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

Look, our body can store 300-500 grams of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. That stored glycogen holds near to three times that weight in water.

It’s an important fact, that to lose your 10 pounds weight will come by losing extra body fat.

So, it’s important to drop it by reducing water weight. It might sound weird, but dear it’s a fact.

Now, you need to follow an organized weight loss meal plan that reduces your insulin level.

It makes it possible for your kidneys to shed out extra sodium and it will lead to a reduction in water retention.

Here, you need to reduce water weight and it is one of the ways to lose weight.

Along with dropping body fat and water weight, It’s possible, you may lose extra weight because of less intestinal waste. But don’t get panicked. It will not go beyond our targeted plan.

Now, I am telling you the 9 easy habits or steps to lose 10 pounds so fast even in a week.

1. Add Low-calorie diet in a plan

The very important step towards our goal is to take a low-calorie diet. It is effective but you need to have a well-disciplined diet chart to lose weight fast.

So before starting a low-calorie diet, it is suggested to have a physical examination, especially in case you have high blood pressure or cholesterol.

An extreme calorie deficit constitutes nausea, weakness, lack of energy, etc.

So, it’s better, that you should include whole fruits and fresh vegetables in your weight loss diet chart. These are not heavy and gives you fewer calories.

It was always hard for me to decide the calories need to eat for weight loss, but at last found it successfully.

I mean you will cut your daily calorie intake. For example, if your calorie intake is around 1800 calories a day, you will take it down to 1200 calories. Listen, Don’t go less than it.

2.Eat More Protein and Fewer Carbs

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for weight loss diet plan. Rich protein intake increases your metabolism, decreases appetite, as a result, it changes weight-regulating hormones.

Along with a rich protein diet, you should prefer less carb food items in your diet chart.
The researchers published a Cell Metabolism and claimed that a low carb diet increases the fat burning process.

So, a drop in daily intake of carbs can also decrease bloating and water weight.

It’s the main reason, people prefer a low carb diet to lose weight, here you aim for 10 pounds in a week or month.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.     

Bethenny Frankel

Do one more thing, hide your sugar jars. Yes, for a week, you will say no or reduce sugar intake. I know, that’s a nasty one, but I am serious about your decision. I want you to lose your weight within a week.

Added sugar adds calories with no nutrition and diet quality. It only contributes to add the unused glycogen stored in the body. The unused glycogen then converts into hard to beat dangerous visceral fat.

3. A big no to Junk food

You are leaving junk food for a week and you need to promise me.

Junk food has been a major reason for weight gain. These are loaded with refined wheat, added sugar, and added fats.

Research (CARDIA Study) also explained it as the major reason for weight gain and obesity.

So, it’s important to leave junk foods.

Avoid highly processed food items and try to have whole, single-ingredient food items. These food items make it simpler to eat fewer calories without feeling too hungry.

Let low-carb veggies and lean protein food items in your food intake.

Undoubtedly, Exercise is always treated as the best way to burn fat fast. It’s a systematic plan to lose weight.

4. Add HIIT workout and Resistance training in your day

The resistance training will benefit you more than a regular aerobic workout.

These workouts are more effective in lowering the water weight and body’s carb stores. It leads to a reduction in body fat.

High-Intensity interval training (HIIT) will be an effective step towards your goal.

You don’t need to hit the gym for 2-3 hours. Just 5-10 minutes of HIIT can easily give you similar or better results than a regular exercise in the weight loss process.

How exercise benefits your weight loss goal?

No doubt, physical movement addresses your fat. So the need to workout directly benefits you to lose pounds in a few days or months.

HIIT workout reduces your muscle carbs store and boosts fat-burning hormones and metabolism.

You can take HIIT 4 or 5 times a week, as a part of your training. Do it with high intensity and effort.

You need not have a treadmill, bike, or rower for this.

5. Prefer Healthy beverages to lose weight

It is most preferable to prefer healthy beverages in your daily intake. Sweetened soft drinks won’t aid in losing weight.

These carbonated beverages are low in nutrients, sweetened, and full of calories.

Are you an avid lover of coffee or tea?

Does coffee good or bad for weight loss?

Skip that question for a while!

Don’t worry, according to research caffeine can also help you in burning more fat and losing excess water.

But, please don’t add sugar.

Yes, you have promised me not to take it for a week.

Yes, it would be keeping it fast, you are on a journey to lose 10 pounds in a week.

Look, Sweetened teas and rich drinks can also add plenty of calories to your diet. So, now the only way you should follow, drink healthy beverages.

Lemme write some preferred healthy beverages for you. here these are:

1. Lemon water in the early morning benefits in losing pounds

2. Green tea detoxifies your body

3. Orange juice ( no added sugar) gives vitamin C

4. Green smoothies make you fresh and rejuvenating

5. Water has good properties for weight loss

6. Ready to Lose 10 pounds! Stay hydrated

According to the study from Obesity, drinking water helps more in losing weight over unsweetened caloric beverages and sweetened caloric.

No doubt there are many other hidden benefits of drinking water daily.

What you need to do, keep yourself hydrated to lose your dogged 10 pounds.

It means you keep drinking enough water in a day.

You can follow the “8×8” rule. Drink 8 glasses of water, containing eight ounces of water per day.

hydration need to lose quick weight. I lose 10 pounds in a week.

The required amount of water depends on your weight, size, and activity level. You should drink between 1/2 ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, per day.

7. Intermittent fasting

Yes, intermittent fasting is another effective way of reducing fat.

But how? let me explain,

Look, you have to limit your eating. I mean intermittent fasting includes a dietary pattern, where you limit your food to a specific time window.

For example, 16/8 intermittent fasting means restricting your food intake to 8 hours and not eating in the remaining 16 hours.

It reduces your calorie intake as well as insulin level. As a result, a reduced level of insulin can increase fat burning and you will lose more weight.

8. Take Proper Sleep

You need a night of proper sleep.

If you won’t take my words seriously, you may lose your progress and may gain weight again.

I preferred to take tight sleep and a regulated lifestyle throughout the week and month for reducing 10 pounds, Yes, so fast, it pushed me to lose.

Yes, I followed it dedicatedly. You should too.

The amount and quality of sleep are directly correlated with your diet.

If you do not get enough sleep, your body will overproduce leptin and ghrelin (hunger causing hormones ). Now, you could overeat and you may be less satisfied even after that.

Furthermore, less sleep will also make you more stressed out, and it becomes more difficult to control your appetite.

That means you need to take a proper 8 hours of sleep. Your body will need it.

9. Stress increases you weight

Do not take the stress. It affects your health intensively.

According to a study, 43 % of total adults suffer from adverse health due to stress.

So, Once you caught in chronic stress, it may risk your health conditions. It extends to headaches, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, upset stomach, and problems sleeping.

Distress yourself by 10 minutes of meditation or listening to soothing music or doing what you love.

And that’s how I lose my 10 pounds, in just a week, And that’s it. Effective. Simple. Fast.

You need to follow this optimized weight loss diet and training pattern. More you follow it dedicatedly, more you will be closer to your goal.

Let me know in a comment, how it works for you!


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