May 19, 2024

Be Prepared for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, CDC to the States

CDC informed the states to be prepared for COVID-19 Vaccine distribution.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has informed public health professionals of various states to be prepared for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine by November 1.

CDC also guiding the states by providing scenarios and planning for distribution, according to CBS News.

CDC added the distribution of two vaccines may felt uneasy. They further advised that vaccines should be available to all citizens of the country in a predefined priority manner.

Dr. Eric Toner, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security said the “committee was given guidance from the governments that they should assume only 10-15 million doses of vaccine would be available initially”.

Vaccines will be allocated in four phases. The vaccine should be given first to- health care professionals, essential workers, national security “populations” and long term care facilities, residents, and staff.

“These scenarios are designed to support jurisdictional, federal and partner planning but they are still considered hypothetical. The scenario also means it’s not confirmed vaccine will be available by end of October”; it may be extended up to November and December.

Meanwhile, research shows more deaths of people with metabolic syndrome with serious COVID symptoms. Pandemics and epidemics that happened in history have given a sort of planning to follow during these crises. The government ready for distribution of network while scientists work on vaccines.

Companies developing the vaccine are also geared up for the manufacturing of vaccines too.

CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said “it is simple preparedness”.

“Right now I will say we are preparing earnestly for what I anticipate will be reality….that there will be more vaccines available for use in November or December and we have to figure out how to make sure they are distributed fairly and equitably across the country: Redfield said during an interview with Yahoo finance.

The COVID-19 vaccine scenario is evolving and uncertain, and these scenarios may be evolved as one more information is available, one of the scenario documents advises.

The director of the National Institute of Health, Dr. Francis Collins said, that what CDC is trying to convey, is that “Likelihood in future if we have a fast and effective vaccine, would not you want people to ready to figure out how to do the distribution” that is all CDC is saying.