Coronavirus Updates: CDC begins Antibody Blood Test to confirm COVID Infections

Is Coronavirus Vaccine a Hypothetical vaccine? CDC progresses,

Research for the Coronavirus vaccine is happening at breakneck speed. The U.S. CDC has also ramped up the antibody blood tests for confirming coronavirus infections, using it among persons who have not experienced symptoms of COVID-19.

The CDC’s blood test, called serology tests, will help in knowing whether the residents in the US are carrying deadly coronavirus across the country. The New York Times reported the blood test scans for the antibodies in the collected blood sample to confirm the exposure to coronavirus infection.

According to Politico, The fundamental objective integrated with tests is to determine the number of people not getting sick even after coming into contact with a COVID infected person, surface or object.

The CDC planned tests will be focusing on 3 groups.

The first group will be the persons who were in hot spots where COVID cases have multiplied and not being diagnosed with the coronavirus.
New York has been an epicenter of the COVID in the US.

The second group will include individuals from areas not hit badly by the coronavirus.

Next, the third group will test other demographics including health care workers.

The New York Times reports – an experimental coronavirus vaccine will be ready for the test as soon as it gets FDA approval.

Still, clinical trials in humans are yet to take time, which might be a year. But the process of developing a coronavirus vaccine can be expedited.

A report published in genengnews, the researchers had been able to develop it in less time, due to prior exposure to earlier coronavirus epidemics.

Further the report exhibits,

“We had previous experience on SARS-CoV in 2003 and MERS-CoV in 2014.

These two viruses, which are closely related to SARS-CoV-2, teach us that a particular protein, called a spike protein, is important for inducing immunity against the virus. We knew exactly where to fight this new virus,”

“That’s why it’s important to fund vaccine research. You never know where the next pandemic will come from.” commented by Andrea Gambotto, MD, associate professor of surgery at the Pitt School of Medicine.

In the last few observations, it was found that Coronavirus patients may be treated with people’s blood plasma who have effectively developed antibodies and become immune to the disease.

April 5, 2020, Amid COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. has more than 300,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 8400 deaths. The miserable condition of Italy also recorded more deaths due to coronavirus infection.

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