Are you lost in fantasies after breakup?

after breakup thoughts

The dream always remain a dream, if not worked upon. Living in the fantasies world and enjoying the quixotic love can’t make you achieve real love in life.

You may lose yourself in sexual fantasies instead of connecting with your partner, you may connect sensually to every attractive person passing across, you may get addicted to the food or substances to satisfy your desires, you may never feel fulfilled even after spending long hours in fantasies with your excessively indulging behavior, you may be living unknowingly with unbalanced Sacral Chakra.

Appreciating the real you and accepting what you are is achievable by Sacral Chakra. The free flow energy of Sacral Chakra lets you recognize yourself and find your place in yourself, your existence. Feel delighted in available pleasures and not paying the excessive indulgence or attachment to them is what Sacral Chakra tells you to do.

This deep satisfaction is not only of your mind but also for the physical feelings that contribute to the pure satiation.

Sacral Chakra for Partners:

Inharmonic relationship between partners and losing the spark in your relationship relates directly to your Sacral Chakra. The envious feeling for others, rage, and anger negatively impacts our well-being and ties to Sacral Chakra, causing the flow of energy to block. If you get angry or frustrated easily when someone shows the differing opinions from you or your overreact to the challenges thrown to you, then your sacral chakra demands the healing.

Health and Sacral Chakra:

Sacral Chakra healing positively affects a range of serious problems such as infertility, miscarriages, impotency in men, prostate problems, testicular diseases, and ovarian cysts or other reproductive organ issues.

Balancing Sacral Chakra pays the balancing in life

Human has tendency to grasp the source of pleasure. This makes him unable to welcome the life’s pleasure with full heart and the attachment to the source generates the insatiable desires and obsessive behavior. This imbalancing can be healed by staying conscious and welcoming to the petty worldly pleasure without completely indulging in them.

Relationships lasts long if and only if they contain the truth. Unexpressed anger, suppressed emotions and hidden disappointments generate the distances. Sacral Chakra impacts your relations by creating transparency in between.

How to ignite your Sacral Chakra force with Yoga through YogicForum

YogicForum suggests you some yoga to rejuvenate the pleasures again in your life. Physical behavior are strictly associated with the emotional and mental state. If the state of mind is not good, then the physical behavior also get affected, you try more to hide your emotions from your partner, you start trying to ignore the petty happiness distributed everywhere, you feel yourself less energetic, you get angry for every single annoying thing, and you stay more suspicious about your relations. This is all due to imbalanced Sacral Chakra.


Balance yourself with Chakra Yoga, Sacral Chakra Balancing


Set your intention to the practice. Take deep breaths in this pose, as deep as you can, as long as you can, as mindful as you can. Let go all old memories, release all grief, every single point of rage that is eating you, try constantly to heal the love relations, emerge the creativity in your heart, feel the flow of creative energy in your body, be mindful of the flowing fluid in your body in its every form, which makes you alive.

Feel you, heart, feel your mind, feel your body, feel yourself, feel the inner you. As long as you feel is deep and true, the better you will be able to recognize and heal yourself.

Think of the orange color in your mind and deeply meditate over the point two inches below your navel. Chant the Bij mantra ‘Vam’ either loudly or silently. Try to feel the silence through the entire pelvic area. Keep chanting for 5 minutes at least to rejuvenate your creativity with Sacral Chakra.

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